King Arthur's Disasters

ITV (ended 2006)


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  • Season 2
    • Tournament Of Terror
      Believing that her Father has offered her hand in marriage to the winner of the Annual Camelot Tournament, Princess Guinevere begs Arthur to enter and win as, given the choices, she'd rather marry him. Merlin convinces Sir Margaret to train Arthur in the martial arts and after a series of painful mishaps declares him as ready as he'll ever be. With some help from Merlin's magic, Arthur defeats Sir Martyn in hand to hand combat, Robin Hood and William Tell in the archery contest and Sir Launcelot and Sir Margaret in the joust. Guinevere's father awards the King his most prized possession - a champion Hereford Bull.moreless
    • Donkey Kong King
      Donkey Kong King
      Episode 12
      Princess Guinevere wishes to bathe in fresh donkey's milk, so once again Arthur finds himself in Spain transporting an ill-tempered donkey through the countryside. Here he meets the legendary Don Quixote, helps him battle a windmill, a lion and some rather disgusting tacos. But when King Arthur and Merlin proudly present the Princess with the donkey, she points out one small mistake - the donkey is male.moreless
    • A Dope On A Rope
      A Dope On A Rope
      Episode 11
      Princess Guinevere decides to accept the King's proposal of marriage - provided he proposes on one knee on her tower balcony. But Petal thwarts Arthur's every effort to climb up there. Merlin suggest a magical rope trick, known only by a reclusive Hermit in the Mid-lands. Dogged by Sir Launcelot and Sir Martyn, Arthur and Merlin also travel to Greece as the Hermit's spell requires a snake from the head of Medusa. Sir Launcelot is turned into a stone and Merlin accidentally burns down a village but, undaunted, Arthur uses the rope trick and reaches the balcony of his beloved princess --- almost!moreless
    • Double Double Wizzard Trouble
      Princess Guinevere worries that her nostrils might be slightly imperfect and King Arthur and Merlin travel to a Wizard's retreat to retrieve a magic mirror known as 'The Bride's Reflection'. But Arthur accidentally uncovers 'The Black Heart of Doom' - a mirror which releases an evil Merlin bent on destroying Arthur. To save the King's life, the good Merlin sends Arthur back to the past where he meets the young Arthur. Together they face the trickery of young Launcelot and the power of the black-hearted Merlin in order to rescue their future bride - the baby Princess Guinevere.moreless
    • Baa Baa Green Goat
      Merlin has devised a magic spell that allows King Arthur to read his beloved's mind. Awed by his anticipation of her every whim, Princess Guinevere sends him to get the thing she desires most. Unfortunately her mind keeps changing and after King Arthur risks life and limb trying to capture an echo from a Warbling Bat and the Druid Sapphire, her thoughts begin to fade and instead of bringing her an emerald coat - he turns up with a green goat.moreless
    • The Rocket Man
      The Rocket Man
      Episode 8
      When Princess Guinevere wants a firework display, King Arthur and Merlin rush to a remote mountain top in the Himalayas where The Fire Dragon, an old school chum of Merlin's, makes the best fireworks in the known world. But Sir Launcelot and Sir Martyn follow and organize a number of deadly traps forcing the King to confront jaw-snapping ice crocodiles and a pack of vicious albino ninja lemmings.moreless
    • The Salmon Of Knowledge
      Princess Guinevere wants to choose a husband wisely and King Arthur volunteers to travel to Ireland and bring back the legendary Salmon of Knowledge. His efforts are hampered by Robin Hood and his Merry Band, numerous Leprechauns and two Merlin clones. Undaunted, he returns with the fabled fish - which is accidentally eaten by Alan who becomes the wisest horse in the Kingdom.moreless
    • A Tower With A View
      When Princess Guinevere pines for a sea view, King Arthur and Merlin seek out King Canute for advice. They catapult the famous 'round table' into the sea to block the Penzance Plug Hole. The sea rises - and keeps rising until Guinevere's tower is in danger of being engulfed. Will sharped-toothed sharks, a giant sea monster and a dissolute Scottish Pirate prevent the King from draining the Plug Hole and rescuing his beloved from a watery grave and wet hair?moreless
    • Worms of Regret
      Worms of Regret
      Episode 5
      Guinevere has traveled to Paris to have a dress designed by the famous but neurotic Antoine de la Poulet. Insisting on the very best material, King Arthur is dispatched to a tropical jungle to retrieve the rare blood-sucking silk worms of Rangoon. Meanwhile, the French peasants are having one of their many revolutions and, on his return with the worms, the King discovers that Guinevere has been taken to the infamous tower prison known as the Pastille! The rescue attempt fails and Merlin, the King and his beloved Princess are carted off to their executions. Only Sir Margaret can save them - but will she bother?moreless
    • The Quest For The Orange Orange
      All Princess Guinevere wants is an orange. A sweet, juicy, round orange orange. How simple is that? But in trying to fulfill her request, King Arthur must enter the Camelot Horse Show, travel across Spain, participate in the first 'running of bulls' in Pamplona and, single handedly battle the Giant Two Headed Fire Breathing Orange Eating Bull of Valencia.moreless
    • King Guinevere
      King Guinevere
      Episode 3
      Merlin's magic goes astray and King Arthur switches bodies with the fair Princess Guinevere. Riding side-saddle and constrained by a corset, the King must traverse the raging River of Unpleasantness, battle the Angry Penguins of Shrewsbury and defeat the Mutant Hedgehog of Cheshire to find the fabled Slamming Book that contains the reversal spell - all without breaking any of Guinevere's nails.moreless
    • King Of The Moon
      King Of The Moon
      Episode 2
      Moon rocks are all the rage and King Arthur is convinced he has traveled to the moon via a one-way rocket. While Sir Launcelot and Sir Martyn struggle to share the throne in the King's absence, Arthur, Merlin and Splag are captured by the fierce 'moon people' and do battle with the gigantic rock giant, Ritho, in order to bring Princess Guinevere a moon rock all the way from - North Wales.moreless
    • The Forest Of Dark Forces
      Princess Guinevere's greatest desire is to fly and King Arthur provides her with the first medieval hot air Balloon. Powered by the fiery breath of a small dragon, the balloon sails across the sky until Robin Hood accidentally shoots it down over the foreboding Forest of Dark Forces. Will King Arthur and Robin Hood sneak past the dreaded Purple Knights, survive the terrors of the Dark Forces and defeat the Screaming Salisbury Stag to rescue the fair Princess from certain doom - and in time for her tapestry class?moreless
  • Season 1
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