King Kong

ABC (ended 1967)


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  • This Saturday morning cartoon series focuses on the adventures of the Bond family, living on a scientific outpost on Mondo Island. Bobby Bond befriends King Kong, as they fend of intruders, exploiters, and the dangers of their hostile environment.

    In 1966, \"The King Kong Show\" was the first Japanese anime cartoon targeted at American audiences. Little did Rankin-Bass know it was opening the door to a whole new world of cartoons in the United States.

    Although the animation is somewhat dated, it isn\'t difficult to enjoy each episode with its tense action-adventure situations. The theme song is especially catchy, with phrases such as \"ten times as big as a man\". Interspersed between each of the episodes on a given Saturday morning was the cartoon short \"Tom of T.H.U.M.B.\". It\'s silliness nicely balances the somewhat somber tone of the King Kong series.