King Leonardo & His Short Subjects

NBC (ended 1963)


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King Leonardo & His Short Subjects

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This show (renamed in syndication as The King And Odie) tells the story of King Leonardo (a lion) and his loyal prime-minister, Odie Colognie (a skunk), must often protect the kingdom from Biggy Rat and Itchy Brother. King Leonardo: he's the good king and he always count on his prime-minister to do the best for the people. Odie Colognie: the ever-loyal Prime-Minister, Odie is the big thinker of the duo and most times the one who thinks on a way to foil the plans of Biggy Rat and Itchy Brother. Itchy Brother: the King's disloyal brother, Itchy justifies his name by itching his face and he's not so bright. Biggy Rat: Biggy Rat is the brains behind all the evil duo's plans to take over the throne from King Leonardo. His patience is tested every time he has to explain complicated plans to Itchy Brother. Additional features to the show:Tooter Turtle, a young, naive turtle who got his wish to fulfill his dreams of being something he's not cut out to be. Mr. Wizard the Lizard fulfills Tooter's weekly wishes. The Hunter was a dimwitted canine detective (voiced by radio's Kenny Delmar) who always stumbled into a successful conclusion to crimes committed by his nemesis the Fox.moreless
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