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  • Don\'t we have enough reality shows?!

    I tell you I hav been watching TV for about 20+ years and I cannot figure out the world\'s obession with reality shows. For one thing most of the big network shows are faked. Living where I do I\'ve talked to a few people who have revealed some dirt on The Simple Life, but I digress. The main problem I have with reality tv is that tv was created as an entertainment forum and to me nothing says entertainment like fiction. I do believe that people don\'t come home from a long day of work in the real world and want to watch more reality. If that was the case I would never leave work. I have enough drama conflict and intrigue to rival Dynasty and Melrose Place. Now I\'ve seen quite a few reality shows that have piqued my curiosity and tonight I tried King of Cars. In the traditon of Dog the Bounty Hunter Inked etc comes the story of Josh \"Chop\" Towbin owner of Towbin Dodge \"the most famous dealership in the nation\" and the creator and star of the widely popular infomercial program \"The Chopper Show\". The King of Cars focuses on the hectic day to day realities of running an auto dealership(just what every car salesman wants to watch after a long day of work I\'m sure)and a behind the scenes look at \"The Chopper Show\". I watched tonight\'s episode called Keeping Up With the Joneses and it reminded me of when I bought my Toyota: It was cold I was without a car and the sales manager made my wife mad and storm off the dearleship. Yeah just the memory I wanted to dredge up. Well the Joneses got their car but other than picking up haggling points I cannot think of a single reason I would want to watch this again. Give me an intergalactic adventure like Star Trek or a good character-driven action drama like NCIS something that is entertaining enough to hold my interest longer than five minutes yet helps me to forget the pressures of my day. I know the last thing anyone from Towbin Dodge want to watch is this show. They just left work after an intense day why relive it on TV when there is so much more that can actually take a person\'s mind off their day. On a positive note this show does feature a lot of the characters from \"The Chopper Show\" and as I stated earlier will give the viewer a glimpse into how this three-ring circus is made and what Chop and his motely crew do when the camera stops rolling. As I close I want to add that before coming to this site I visited and watched an episode of \"The Chopper Show\" and it was...unique. If nothing else it was an entertaining infommercial and unlike most of the garden-variety \"Set It and Forget It\" infomercials ou there this one is apparentaly produced every week and aired on Saturdays. Also unlike other infommericals this show is actually watched and has spawned a cult following in Las Vegas. Hey maybe that could be my excuse.
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