King of Dirt - Season 2



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  • Great Things Take Time
    Gino Panaro takes his time doing everything, which upsets his wife, Gina, who patiently waits for her husband to build their patio yard. It took him one season to construct a walkway, and now, Gino informs his wife that the landscaping could take all summer to complete, which puts Gina on edge and ready to leave her husband.moreless
  • Appetite for Destruction
    Angela and Ed have problems with their backyard. Their swimming pool is too big, and their garage blocks the sun from hitting the lawn area. Celebrity landscaper, Gino Panaro, agrees to demolish the problem structures and to rebuild the yard from scratch. He also gets a little help from a fig tree.moreless
  • Duck Hunting
    Duck Hunting
    Episode 10
    A family, who let their kids tear up their lawn, seeks Gino's help in getting the grounds back into shape. The host arrives at the residence, and he becomes upset after discovering that the damage could have been prevented. Gino agrees to help the family, and he installs a surprise, which will prevent the damage from happening again.moreless
  • Anniversary Gift
    Anniversary Gift
    Episode 9
    Eight years ago, homeowners Gerard and Beth promised themselves that they would build an eye-candy front yard that would be the talk of the town. Gino and Ralph agree to help out the homeowners, but the contractors soon run into trouble after their equipment starts to break down and a string of bad luck begins to occur.moreless
  • Every Inch Counts
    Every Inch Counts
    Episode 8
    Celebrity landscaper, Gino Panaro, heads to a home in Brooklyn, NY, to help out a DIY retiree who has had some problems building his deck. The contractor asks his brother, Ralph, to tag along and help out, but the two siblings run into problems after Gino discovers that the work area is extremely small and that his brother is colorblind.moreless
  • Transplant or Trash
    Liz and Steve seek the help of celebrity landscaper, Gino Panaro, to renovate their front yard. The only condition is that the host must work around a weeping Blue-Atlas cedar tree that sits in the middle of the job area. Gino then employs the help of his wife, Gina, to assist him in coming up with a design that will work.moreless
  • Battling over Bedlines
    Ashley and Kathy realize that raising three kids leaves little time to tending to their home's landscaping needs. The desperate pair calls on celebrity landscaper, Gino Panaro and company, to take care of their ten-inch shrubs and empty gardens. After Gino arrives, he soon discovers that he only has just one day to plant everything and to create a perfect paver walkway.moreless
  • Dolly Parton Meets Gino
    Country singer, Dolly Parton, hires Gino, his wife, Gina, and his brother, Ralph, to revamp her twenty-five-year-old theme park. The trio heads to Tennessee not to only make the grounds look spectacular for the big birthday party, but also, so that Gino can meet one of his idols. Things get a little complicated after the group meets with Parton's stubborn groundskeeper.moreless
  • Heights & Holes
    Heights & Holes
    Episode 4
    John and Nancy run into problems after the City Hall orders them to replace thirteen trees that the newlyweds removed during a renovation project. Gino Panaro and his brother team up to plant some pergola trees and to re-seed and fertilize a lawn, which was destroyed during the first renovation.
  • The Chain-Link Fence
    Patty and Allen want to revamp their tiny front yard that has a government chain-link fence surrounding it. Host, Gino Panaro, must come up with a design plan that works around the fence. Things start to get completed after the contractor and his brother uncover an unpleasant surprise during demolition and after crucial power tools stop working.moreless
  • Crabgrass & Claustrophobia
    Celebrity landscaper, Gino Panaro, returns to his old neighborhood in Staten Island, NY, to check out the home where he grew up in. What he finds there is a huge crabgrass problem and a jungle gym in what used to be a beautiful lawn. The new homeowners soon agree to let the host renovate the front and backyard areas.moreless
  • High-Rise Landscaping
    Host, Gino Panaro, travels to a New York high-rise apartment to tackle a landscaping problem on a terrace, eleven sorties up. Noemi and Paul hire the celebrity contractor to redo the wrap-around garden that surrounds their flat. The only problem is that Gino's new client's wishes may be just too demanding for him to accomplish.moreless