King of Kensington

Season 3 Episode 11

The Hero

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 1977 on CBC

Episode Recap

Cathy and Larry argue over Larry's decision to work weekends with Duke at a bar temporarily with Cathy saying the weekend is the only time she and Larry get to spend together and Larry says he has to work to catch up on bills. Larry goes on to remind Cathy that the Kensington Man of the Year dinner is coming up and he has won it five years in a row.

Later, at the bar, Larry and Duke arrive and prepare to go to work though Duke is very nervous about the whole thing and mixes up orders for one table. Larry smooths things over and goes out back just as a man tries to rob the bar. With everybody ducked down or on the floor, Larry struggles with the thief, disarms him and chases after the crook as he flees. Duke picks up the gun the thief dropped and everybody assumes he was the one who stopped the thief and not Larry.

The next day, Duke, mobbed by autograph seekers and carrying a newspaper with his picture on the front page, enters Larry's store and finds Duke has embellished the story quite a bit. Larry gets Duke to join him upstairs and Larry says he thinks Duke isn't telling the truth about the robbery. Duke refuses to acknowledge this and Larry labels Duke in a roundabout way and the two nearly come to blow before Cathy intercedes. Duke leaves and Larry tells Cathy the truth about what what really happened with the robbery and Cathy is indignant. Gladys enters and tells them that Duke has been named the Man of the Year and the community wants Larry to present Duke with the trophy.

At the dinner, held at the bar Larry and Duke worked for previously, Cathy tries to convince Larry not to give Duke the trophy even as Duke continues to act as the hero he wasn't. Larry starts to make a speech where he talks of being friends with Duke for eleven years and goes to give Duke the trophy when the same bandit from before tries to rob the place again. The bartender says Duke was the hero before but the thief says Larry was the man who stopped him previously. The thief is duped into reenacting what happened before and Larry disarms him and captures him. In the confusion afterwards, the thief steals the trophy and slips away.

A few days afterwards, Cathy comes home to find Duke and Larry admiring a new Man of the Year trophy. Larry tells Cathy that he and Duke will be working the next few weekends not to pay off bills but to pay for the new trophy he got as well as the one Duke received.