King of Kensington

Season 1 Episode 9

The Joy of Kensington

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 1975 on CBC

Episode Recap

Cathy and Gladys are arguing over the idea of couples having sex before marriage and Gladys is adamant that couples should wait until they tie the knot. Cathy relates that before they were married, she and Larry had a romantic tryst at the Bluebird motel and goes on to say Gladys has no right to impose her values on others. Gladys says Cathy's admission after seven years shows she feels guilty about it and if she wore white at the wedding, she was a hypocrite.

Larry enters and asks if George and Wilma have arrived yet and Cathy says no before going on to talk about her talk with Gladys and Larry says his mother was brought up in a very strict environment with regards to sex. A few moments later, Larry answers the door and George and Wilma, newlyweds returning from a honeymoon enter and sit down with Cathy and Gladys. At first, George and Wilma talk and act like a normal newly married couple but when Wilma accompanies Cathy into the kitchen, she starts sobbing with no reason given to Cathy or Gladys. Wilma leaves the kitchen for a moment and when she returns, a bright smile is on her face and she seems composed. However, a few moments later, Wilma starts to cry once again and after some coaxing, she blurts out that she and George have yet to consummate their marriage. Cathy makes them promise not to discuss the matter with George as they return to the living room but after some chatter, Larry proposes a toast to the happy couple and Wilma runs upstairs sobbing. Before Larry can find out what is going on, Gary attempts to leave but Larry makes him come back and tell him what the problem is. George reluctantly reveals that he is a virgin and seems intimidated by sex with Wilma and Larry recommends George see a sex therapist about the problem.

The next day, Larry relates that George was told that he has to wait seven weeks for an appointment with a sexologist as their schedule is full and he got some books dealing with sex from the library for George to read in the meantime. Gladys picks up one titled " The Joy of Sex " and stares in silence at the pictures within with Larry and Cathy joining her in looking moments later.

Later that day, Cathy, dressed in a sexy nightgown, enters the living room and lies down on a nearby couch and hears Larry worry about George's reaction to the content of the library books. Cathy suggests her way of initiating intimacy includes tickling the hair on Larry's chest but Larry admits that gesture actually turns him off. Cathy responds that Larry blowing in her ear is not intimate to her and often gives her a headache. Larry disputes this and Cathy tells him he can sleep on the couch before heading upstairs for the night.

Days later, Cathy and Larry have trouble talking to each other with Larry keeping his distance intimately from Cathy but won't say the reason even after Cathy has apologized. Moments later, Larry answers the ringing of the door bell and George and Wilma enter with big smiles on their faces. The newlyweds say their marital difficulties have been resolved and George privately tells Larry that he told Wilma about his virgin state and Wilma tickled his chest hair and their intimacy problems were resolved quickly afterwards. After the newlyweds leave, Cathy and Larry resolve their differences over intimacy and embrace passionately.

The next day, Gladys fumes that Larry is missing work to be intimate with Cathy and privately thinks that it's not their fault.