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  • Season 1
    • King Me
      Episode 6
      Dave Hill officially accomplishes his goals of ruling the $#!* out of Miami. Dave got a spray on tan, new hair and Dumb a**, completely useless bodyguard. He met possible Queens of Miami, ate at the best restaurants and met the funniest people. For his grand finale, Dave finally made his highly anticipated debut and declared his take-over and total domination.moreless
    • 4/4/07
      Dave takes a trip to the Doral Golf Resort to reinvent the game. After his domination of golf is complete, Dave gets schooled on wine by some foreign dude while Phil wrestles an alligator.
    • 3/28/07
      Dave Hill blends in so much it's not even Freakin' Funny. Dave begins to feel at home in Miami and decides it's time to meet the locals. First stop, celebrity psychic Micki Dahne, who predicts his "awesomeness"...Dave isn't surprised. Dave brings the legend of the Chupacabra back to life, visits Domino Park to swindle some old dudes out of their money, and smokes out on some real Cuban cigars...Sweet!moreless
    • 3/21/07
      Dave Hill sets out to continue his Miami "awesomeness" by looking for a castle and a few traveling accessories to make him feel at home. He meets with a real estate agent, a famed Lexus dealer, visits Blue Star Jets, and later tests the "boneability" of a $280,000 yacht.
    • Lookin' Good
      Episode 2
      Dave understands that in order to be the King of Miami, you have to look great at all times. Of course he already does look phenomenal. Dave meets with a personal trainer, a Miami butt expert and a well-known photographer, who he uses to capture his special moments on film. He later relaxes by watching Phil go through some serious pain at a tattoo parlor.moreless
    • Welcome to Miami
      Episode 1
      His name is Dave Hill, he’s friends with the Chicken Lady, he loves his scooter and he’s ready to rule the #!$$* out of Miami. Watch out Miami (this includes Miami Beach, as well as the greater metro area). Dave Hill has just moved from his parent’s basement in Cleveland to take his rightful place as the King. Dave gets a sweet spray tan, meets his potential arch nemesis and hires Phil his new clueless yet PHILosophical bodyguard.moreless
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