King of the Hill

Season 10 Episode 12

24 Hour Propane People

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 23, 2006 on FOX

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  • When Buck gets barred from his favourite strip club, he feels depressed. Impressed by an ice cream store's over-cheery sales manner, he decides to make Strickland Propane 'fun', much to the frustration of Hank and the other workers. A so-so episode...

    This is a so-so tenth season entry; Not terrible, but a long way from a classic.

    It comes just two episodes after 'Hank Fixes Everything', another Strickland Propane-based story, and which also had elements of the company being changed. This episode suffers somewhat from being so close to that episode, in my opinion.

    The notion of Strickland Propane being made 'fun' - complete with staff being forced to wear loud Hawaiian shirts, funny faces painted onto propane canisters et al - feels like it has some potential and delivers a few reasonable moments, but at the end of the episode I couldn't wonder if more could have been done with it.

    Also, as a fellow reviewer also notes, why couldn't Buck just go to another strip club instead? Well, it was his *favourite* strip club, I suppose.

    There is a b-plot - if you can call it that - involving Peggy and Bobby, and the places that Peggy's press pass gets them into. Whereas in some episodes the b-plot can offer up some of the biggest laughs of the story, this particular plot is only featured for a couple of scenes, and has very little point (or humour) to it, and has a pointless feel to it, never really developing or being wrapped up properly. It feels as if it were stuck in simply to bump up the episode's running time.

    Beyond the brief b-plot, nearly the entire episode is set at Strickland Propane (or the Ice Cream store). It is another episode where Dale, Bill and Boomhauer are barely featured. Not that I mind that; although they are my favourite characters, I don't mind stories that focus on other characters occasionally.

    All-in-all, while a watchable and reasonably enjoyable episode, it is one of those that is never going to rise much beyond the 'average' mark.