King of the Hill

Season 13 Episode 6

A Bill Full of Dollars

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 16, 2008 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Tagline: "Hank's going to become a tugboat captain." -Bill

    • Luanne does not appear in this episode.

    • In the final scene, Strickland has two beer cans, one in each hand, and then at one point he has a line and he moves his hand and it is empty. Then in the next shot he is holding the beer cans again. It seems unlikely he'd set them down just to talk then pick it up again, so most likely this is a goof.

  • Quotes

    • Hank: You know the way Bill is, but you took him out for a spin anyway. It's like you had a truck with faulty brakes, but you just didn't care.
      Dale: We feel terrible. I want to help, but the Gribbles have a long history of making things worse.

    • Peggy: Maybe we should just go out there and, and talk to him.
      Minh: And say what? 'Sorry, your life is somehow even worse than it was?'
      Dale: Yeah, and besides we didn't do anything wrong.
      Peggy: We used him for our own gain until we broke him, and then we cast him aside. Then, in a desperate attempt to regain our love, he lost everything he owned.
      Dale: But other than that, we're good, right?

    • Dale: Damn it.We broke him. He's useless now. This is classic Heisenberg. The observer effect.
      Bill: Observer? What...?
      Dale: The very act of observation interferes with the outcome, often mis-attributed to Heisenberg, who was wrong about the bomb, but right about uncertainty. See, now you're watching you. And that's the problem.

    • Hank: Bill, you don't have powers. It works because you're so... typical.
      Bill: You're not the one who's typical, I am. I buy things, and it makes money, so we can buy more things. I'm like an ecosystem.
      Bobby: Dad, look! Two Rob Schneider movies on-screen at the same time.
      Bill (smugly): You're welcome, Bobby.

    • Peggy: we made all this crazy money, just by studying Bill. You don't look proud of me anymore.
      Hank: Well, I wonder why not. Peggy, you used Bill. You have to fix this.
      Peggy: I hope you're not gonna say we should get rid of the TV.
      Hank: Well, of course not-- it's incredible-- but you have to tell Bill what you've been doing. Promise me you'll do that. Then let's go back to watching this amazing thing.

    • Minh: What on earth he wrapping with that much wrap?
      Dale: The American consumer doesn't know. All it knows is it must wrap.
      Peggy: You know, I know it's just Bill, but something doesn't feel right about this. Do...Do you think we should tell him?
      Dale: We can't tell him. People act most natural when they don't know they're being observed. I cite as evidence several hundred episodes of Candid Camera.

    • Peggy: We need to study America, and invest in what America wants to buy. What? What do people like to buy?
      Minh: I don't know. Lychee nuts? Opera CDs?
      Dale: Those new Russian bullets that will go through anything!
      Peggy: Uh, no, not you two. America.
      What does Joe Blow buy?
      Minh: Beats me.
      Dale: I give up.
      Peggy: Then we are going on a field trip. America, roll up your sleeve. Peggy Hill is about to take your pulse.

    • Bill: Usually, the only people who talk to me are gay men who've dropped their standards.

    • Dale: I'm gonna admit failure and ask Nancy to reinstate my allowance.

    • Dale: Financial dignity might be an interesting switch for me.

    • (Watching television)
      Bobby: The picture's so blurry. Is that what's-his-name from 90210 or what's-his-name from Growing Up Brady?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The show that Peggy and Bobby were watching at the beginning of the episode appears to be Dancing With the Stars.

    • The game "Castle Wolfhammer 9000" is a reference to the 1990s computer game "Castle Wolfenstein".

    • The mannerisms and celebrity of the "Dow Genius" on television is a reference to television personality and former hedge fund manager Jim Cramer, who is known for his work on Mad Money on CNBC.

    • The title is an allusion to the movie A Fistful of Dollars a 1964 western starring Clint Eastwood.