King of the Hill

Season 8 Episode 6

After the Mold Rush

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Dec 07, 2003 on FOX

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  • No Mold in This Episode.

    This was a great episode, which pitted Hank against his worst repairing his house for him. This was a clever plot with lots of humour. It's one of my favourites from Season 8. Hank was really great in this episode, and so was Bobby. It was one of those episodes where everything in it just seemed to work. It wasn't the funniest episode ever, but it was really enjoyable throughout and handles a very real situation in a very fun way. Overall a great episode.
  • Mold is bad.

    I think it was a solid episode. It was funny it some area but I have to say I thought it was also boring at times. Hank had problems with mold and thought he had it under control whe he called the con artists. Hank was very gullible again and thought that they weren't suspicious at all. But they pulled one over him and it made for a roller coaster episode. My favorite parts of the episode had to be where Hank is getting them back with Bill. I thought that it was pretty clever and also very entertaining. Thank you.
  • Hank out-smarts the insurance company.

    This is not one of my favourite King of the Hill episodes, but i do say that it is still a good one.

    In this episode Hank has an accident with water in his house. Hank then tries to get insurance from the Insurance Company, but they will not pay him becuase of a mold issue. Eventually Hank finds himself being kicked out of his own house, while the Insurance company and the mold company start taking Hank's cash. However then good old reliable Hank finds a way to both get back at the Mold and Insurance comanies, while also moving back into his house. He gets help from his good freind Bill, who we don't see that much of in this episode.
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