King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 5

Aisle 8A

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 07, 1999 on FOX

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  • A pretty intense episode

    I knew next to nothing about this episode when I watched it. It was out of pure luck that I did end up watching this one. But I was surprised at how good it was.

    I haven't seen a ton of early KOTH episodes with Connie but in the ones I'd seen, she seemed a lot nicer, friendlier, and overall more likeable than the rather easily agitated Connie of season 5 and beyond.

    So as far as I know, this is where her character changed.

    So here's the plot. Minh and Kahn are going out to some sort of award ceremony for Kahn and Connie is left with the Hills. Things are cool at first but Bobby starts to worry about how to act around Connie, so he starts acting it's around this time that Connie suddenly starts being a jerk.

    Well, it turns out she's becoming a woman. Yeah, and she ends up needing help at the moment that Peggy isn't home. It ends up being a pretty intense episode, considering it shows what dicks Minh and Kahn are. On top of being angry for the first time (that I've seen), Connie also cried for the first time (that I've seen), and both were with good reason. She's been overworked by her parents and now, when she needs them the most, they're off on vacation! You feel sorry for Bobby, too, considering he hasn't hit puberty yet, so suddenly it's like there's this whole world between him and Connie.

    Looking back, this could be considered the beginning of the end for Bobby and Connie's relationship, since she's becoming a woman and he'll always be a kid. Of course, it's still a damn good episode, as all of KOTH of seasons 1-5 was.
  • This episode is funny. Period.

    Another great KOTH episode, where Hank gets forced into an extremely uncomfortable position. There isn't too much to say, as I liked the episode as a whole. The plot was good, and it had a ton of funny moments. It isn't the best one of the season but it is a good one. I liked how they dealt with the situation and kept it very really, and yet found the humour within that situation.
  • Hank is extremely uncomfortable with the human body

    This episode may be about Connie getting her first period, but it's more of a look at Hank being un-nerved by having to deal with the human body, particularly the female human body. It's been a running joke on KOTH that Hank hates dealing with anything that reminds him of bodily functions. Even in the pilot, he yells at Bobby for listening to a prank call where someone makes farting noises ("My God, it's all toilet sounds!"). So imagine Hank's predicament when he's left alone with Connie, who is staying in the bathroom for a really, really long time. When Hank find out what was going on, he tries desperately to get ahold of Peggy. When that fails, he does the only other natural thing- he takes Connie to the emergency room! If that's not embarrassing enough for Hank, he is then informed that Connie needs some "special supplies" from the store. Hank is mortified by the idea of going to the dreaded "Aisle 8-A". Connie goes by herself and is overwhelmed by the choices. Hank sees her beginning to panic and goes to help her get what she needs. Meanwhile, Dale is excited by his fancy new Rubbermaid trashcan that is indestructable and holds a seemingly limitless supply of empty beer cans. Dale and the guys are distraught when a garbage truck accidentally takes the can with it and drives away. While this was a pretty funny B-plot, it seemed too much like the much funnier "couch in the alley" plot to be that good. This episode is a high point for Hank, showing that his natural decency and loyalty to his friends easily overcomes his fears, even his deep fear of discussing bodily functions.
  • While Connie is staying at the Hills house, she gets her first period.

    Kahn and Minh have to go away to give a big speech. Connie stays at the Hills house. For a while, everything is going ok, but then Connie starts getting mad at Bobby. After Bobby and Peggy leave for school and Hank is left with Connie, she tells him she got her first period. Hank can't contact Peggy or Minh so he has to take Connie to get her "supplies." They go to the Mega-Lo Mart and Connie goes down Iisle-8A. Finally, Hank gets ahold of Kahn and Minh, who head home. Connie tells Bobby what has happened and says he won't break up with him. She also says for the few days a month, he needs to stay away from her.
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