King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 5

Aisle 8A

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 07, 1999 on FOX

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  • Hank is extremely uncomfortable with the human body

    This episode may be about Connie getting her first period, but it's more of a look at Hank being un-nerved by having to deal with the human body, particularly the female human body. It's been a running joke on KOTH that Hank hates dealing with anything that reminds him of bodily functions. Even in the pilot, he yells at Bobby for listening to a prank call where someone makes farting noises ("My God, it's all toilet sounds!"). So imagine Hank's predicament when he's left alone with Connie, who is staying in the bathroom for a really, really long time. When Hank find out what was going on, he tries desperately to get ahold of Peggy. When that fails, he does the only other natural thing- he takes Connie to the emergency room! If that's not embarrassing enough for Hank, he is then informed that Connie needs some "special supplies" from the store. Hank is mortified by the idea of going to the dreaded "Aisle 8-A". Connie goes by herself and is overwhelmed by the choices. Hank sees her beginning to panic and goes to help her get what she needs. Meanwhile, Dale is excited by his fancy new Rubbermaid trashcan that is indestructable and holds a seemingly limitless supply of empty beer cans. Dale and the guys are distraught when a garbage truck accidentally takes the can with it and drives away. While this was a pretty funny B-plot, it seemed too much like the much funnier "couch in the alley" plot to be that good. This episode is a high point for Hank, showing that his natural decency and loyalty to his friends easily overcomes his fears, even his deep fear of discussing bodily functions.