King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 5

Aisle 8A

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 07, 1999 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • After Connie tells Hank she is experiencing her first period, Hank consults the book that Connie's parents left for Hank. There is a close up of the folder from Hank's point of view and you see there are not many pages on each side. You can tell this as you can see the binder's covers below the papers on each side and there is not much material on either side. The next shot that shows Hank skimming through the papers each side of the folder has a lot more papers on each side than the previous shot.

    • There is a scene when Hank & Peggy are talking in the garage. Next to Peggy there is a belt sander or something similar to a belt sander. In shots of Peggy from over Hank's shoulder, it disappears.

    • When Hank takes Connie to the doctors, he is in the waiting room. After Connie and the doctor come out they open the two doors and stand in front of the doors. Towards the end of the scene as the doctor is about to leave them, they have all moved far a short distance from the left of the doors.

    • Luanne does not appear in this episode.

    • Tagline: "Do you want to be in charge?" -Peggy "No." -Hank

  • Quotes

    • Peggy: You went down aisle 8a? In twenty years, I haven't been able to get you past aisle 5!

    • Connie: Technically, I think I'm only a woman four days a month.
      Bobby: Well, that's for most people. But you're super-organized. I bet you can get through it in two days.
      Connie: I don't think that's how it works.

    • (Hank takes Connie to the Megalo Mart for feminine supplies)
      Hank: Aisle 8A. We sure are a long way from automotive. Do you have your list?
      Connie: Yes! Just because I started my period doesn't mean I can't hold onto a piece of paper!

    • Dale: (after having seen his favorite trash can destroyed, then fixing itself automatically) Big Bad Can!!!!

    • (Kahn and Minh showing the hills Connie's babysitting book)
      Minh: It teach you how to be a parent this week; what time Connie should eat; acceptable reading material...
      Hank: Newsweek, huh, not in this house.
      Peggy: Oh, how very nice. You included recipes. Oh look, and pictures, well that's good, because I have no idea what scrambled eggs look like.

    • (Peggy needs to explain Connie's condition to Bobby)
      Bobby(After school): Uh-oh, last time you were waiting for me, I learned about goldfish heaven.
      Peggy: Come on Bobby, let's go to Whataburger.
      Bobby: Alright! Oh God, where's Ladybird?

    • Connie: You know what I've always wondered? Propane is called 'liquid petroleum,' but isn't it a gas, Mr. Hill?
      Hank: Please Connie, call me Hank.

    • Connie: This is a great dinner, Mrs. Hill.
      Peggy: Well, we have your mother to thank for that. She recommended that I stir the macaroni with a spoon. No more burnt hands, Hank!

    • Bobby: May I take those plates out of your way, sir? And can I tempt you with some toaster strudels -- or are we watching our figures?
      Hank: (Annoyed) Just take the plates Bobby.
      Bobby: Right away, sir.

    • (Trying to help Connie with her first period)
      Hank: Do you have any idea how to tie a tourniquet?

    • Connie: Ug, how many cows do you people eat in a year?
      Hank: Wait, we figured this out once.

    • Joseph: Word is, Connie's Aunt Flo is in town.
      Bobby: Yeah, probably 'cause she started her period.

    • Connie: Mom, I was really mean to Bobby, and I don't know why.
      Minh: He annoying little boy.

    • (Hank takes Connie to the ER)
      Hank: Is she gonna be okay?
      Nurse: She's going to be fine. I've taken care of things for now, but here is a list of products for Connie, which you can pick up at any pharmacy.
      Hank: Uh, couldn't you just give her this stuff? You are a hospital.
      Nurse: No, you have to go and buy them.
      Hank: I mean, let's say I got stitches: you might send me home with a box of Band-Aids if I asked for 'em, right?
      Nurse: Band-Aids aren't going to work in this situation -- please, don't try Band-Aids.

    • Connie:(About starting her period)You know Mr. Hill, maybe this isn't such a big deal after all.
      Hank: Nope, not such a big deal. In fact, this is such a little deal that we won't have to talk about it anymore.

    • (after the whole period thing)
      Kahn: Oh Hank, you ruin my life, so nice to see you.
      Connie: Oh hi Mr. Hill, sorry this week was so boring (laughs slightly)
      Hank: (laughs back) Right, good to see you too Connie (Connie leaves)
      Kahn: Why she not cry at you, all she does is cry at me, it not fair......I make more money than you.
      Hank: Yeah well, I'm just returning your parenting manual, I added a chapter at the begining.
      Kahn: "Aisle 8A" what Aisle 8A?
      Hank: You know....down near the ointments....
      Kahn: (makes little strangled sobbing noise)
      Hank: Yeah, I know.

    • Hank: Bobby, every woman has a period... uh, uh, of time, every month ...
      Bobby: Even Mom?
      Hank: Bobby, if we're gonna get through this, you cannot ask me questions like that.

    • (Peggy rushing home in a panic)
      Peggy: Where's Bobby?
      Hank: It's Connie.
      Peggy: Hank, what is it?!"
      Hank: You know, the special time in girls' lives, and the freshness... and all that.

  • Notes

    • The writer of this episode was nominated for the 2000 Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Writing in an Animated Television Production.

  • Allusions

    • Bobby: My name is, my name is, my name is Slim Shady!

      This is alluding two things. The repeating of my name is, is a famous part of Kid Rock's act. Slim Shady is Rapper Eminem's nick name.

    • Minh (talking to Connie about PMS): Makes sad movies truly excellent. You watch Titanic on the right day, it blow you away. Titanic is the 1997 James Cameron movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as two young travelers who fall in love during the maiden voyage of the Titanic; tragically, only one of them survives.

    • Kahn: In the words of Maya Angelou . . .

      Maya Angelou is the African-American writer of the powerful autobiography I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings and several collections of poetry. Kahn doesn't actually get to quote her though; Minh hands him a note about Connie and he screams instead.

    • Joseph: Word is, Connie's Aunt Flo is in town. Aunt Flo is sometimes used as a slang for a woman's period.