King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 2

And They Call It Bobby Love

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Sep 22, 1998 on FOX

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  • Love hurts.

    Bobby got upset that Marie whom he thought was his lady was just a platonic friend. Marie made it clear she had no romantic interest in him and Bobby objected to this despite they kissed and Marie recalls that was a mistake.
  • In this episode we see Bobby falling and falling hard for an older girl in his school. Meanwhile, Hank and the guys have fallen in love with a mystery couch in the alley.

    Bobby catches the interest of the 14 year old hall monitor and completely rebels against his mother in favor of his new love: Marie. Marie is a vegetarian, Marie thinks this, Marie likes that, etc. Hank is a little skeptical from the beginning about the girl (first assuming that she's imaginary or something) and does nothing to egg-on the situation. Peggy still wants Bobby to be an innocent child a little longer, even going so far as say that young Bobby should actually be afraid of girls, not kissing them at all. When Bobby pours out his heart to the young teenaged girl, things take a turn for the worse. Tune in for a little pubescent angst.
  • Bobby meets a girl that he likes who breaks his heart and Hank and the guys find a couch in the alley.

    While in school, Bobby meets a girl named Marie. She is two years older than him. They become friends only Bobby likes her more than that. Meanwhile, there is a couch in the alley where Hank, Bill, Boomhower, and Dale stand. They decide to keep it. Bobby and Marie begin kissing on the couch, and Bobby thinks she is his girl friend. When she tells him she isn't, it breaks his heart. Bobby, who is still depressed, Hank, and Peggy go to a restraunt where Marie is there. Knowing she doen't eat meat, Bobby orders the biggest steak. If you eat it all, it's free. He does, and Marie gets mad and leaves. Bobby is happy again. When they return home, Hank, Bill, Dale, and Boomhower discover the couch is gone. While Bobby throws up, he says he's sorry to Connie. During the credits, we learn that Bill had stolen the couch and put it in his house.
  • Bobby falls in love with an older girl (who breaks his heart) and Hank and the guys find an abandoned couch in their alley.

    Bobby's first foray into love leaves him looking pathetic but ultimately triumphant. Using his prop comic talents to attract attention from a popular school flirt, Bobby gets infatuated immediately after the girl kisses him on the couch that mysteriously appeared in the alley.
    Such a quick bite of the love bug is nothing new among young boys, neither on TV nor in reality. Bobby's early hubris (trying to tell Hank and Peggy that his love affair is stronger than theirs!) is nervy, but believable, and sets him up for Peggy's kick-him-when-he's-down, "I guess my and your father's love is stronger than yours with Marie" slam when he gets dumped.
    Bobby's revenge is small consolation, but allows him to regain his self-esteem, and illustrates classic King of the Hill attitude.
  • Bobby's First Girlfriend!

    Awesome episode. So many laughs and a really good A and B plot. Bobby thinking that the relationship is more serious than it is leads to a major heartbreak, and the beginning of Connie and Bobby's relationship. The B plot line is just as good, which is rare in a lot of shows, including this one, a lot of the time. Hank and Peggy trying to show their love, is the perfect combo of funny and awkward. So far this season keeps getting better and better.
  • perfect

    Hank and the guys become too attached to an old couch in the alley way. Bobby starts dating an older girl named Marie, who is 14, but he takes their relationship much more seriously than she does, and it leads to them breaking up. Will Bobby be able to move on?

    Great episode. Lots of humor and it was actually kind of sad when Bobby kept crying over his break up with Marie. No real complaints, a pretty solid episode, and as such, my final grade for the episode is an A+. One of my favorite episodes of the series