King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 2

And They Call It Bobby Love

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Sep 22, 1998 on FOX

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  • Bobby meets a girl that he likes who breaks his heart and Hank and the guys find a couch in the alley.

    While in school, Bobby meets a girl named Marie. She is two years older than him. They become friends only Bobby likes her more than that. Meanwhile, there is a couch in the alley where Hank, Bill, Boomhower, and Dale stand. They decide to keep it. Bobby and Marie begin kissing on the couch, and Bobby thinks she is his girl friend. When she tells him she isn't, it breaks his heart. Bobby, who is still depressed, Hank, and Peggy go to a restraunt where Marie is there. Knowing she doen't eat meat, Bobby orders the biggest steak. If you eat it all, it's free. He does, and Marie gets mad and leaves. Bobby is happy again. When they return home, Hank, Bill, Dale, and Boomhower discover the couch is gone. While Bobby throws up, he says he's sorry to Connie. During the credits, we learn that Bill had stolen the couch and put it in his house.
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