King of the Hill

Season 7 Episode 19

Be True to Your Fool

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 27, 2003 on FOX

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  • On My Head Just like a Tattoo!

    This is an episode that is a bit silly, and fairly unrealistic. Like, seriously? How did he not notice the next day when he sobered up that there was a giant section of his hair shaven off? That being said, it IS a cartoon, so I will not have that impact the rating of the episode itself. The episode has a decent plot, minus the huge flaw, and is funny now and then. Similar to the last episode, there was nothing that made this episode special. Just another decent KOTH episode. I found it a bit more entertaining and it did have more funny moments, and less Peggy ones. So for that reason I give it a bit higher of a mark.
  • great

    hank, dale and boomhauer are given lice by bill, and they refuse to drink with him anymore as a result. they all shave their heads, and hank discovers an old secret; he has Bill's name on his head. why does he? watch the episode and find out!

    pretty good episode, the last half is kind of boring in some parts but the overall episode was funny. it was a good resolution and it was a good plot for everyone to be mad at bill, who obviously has a lot to deal with some of the time. overall grade- a B
  • Decent episode.

    I liked this episode for a few reasons. Before I get to that, I must say that this show did a good job of getting its stories across, most of the time. I liked the stroy with Hank and Bill. Bill proved that he was a loyal friend by saving Hank when he was drunk back in a bar during their years of youth. I also liked the funny plot of Bill giving everyone lice. I have to say that was hilarious. Overall, this was a decent episode with decent comedy, good writing, funny bits here and there, and also a decent storyline. Thank you.