King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 15

Behind Closed Doors

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Mar 16, 2008 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Tagline: "First one to breakfast gets to sit on my lap." -Peggy

    • While Dooley's parents look pretty close to the way they did in their previous appearance, in "To Spank With Love", their voices are completely different. Mrs. Dooley's sounded more like Dooley's in that episode.

    • Luanne does not have any lines in this episode.

    • When Hank is pullnig out of the driveway (to get away from Peggy) he is shown to have an automatic transmission, yet in other episodes his truck is clearly shown to be a manual transmission.

  • Quotes

    • Bobby: Mr. Ron?
      Ron: Speaking.
      Bobby: My family missed our appointment yesterday and my mom is really upset. Is there any way you can squeeze us in? This photo means a lot to her and she means a lot to me.
      Ron: You know, I shoot families all the time who I know hate each other. It's nice to see there are some out there who have real love and devotion between them. Reminds me of why I got into this business.
      Bobby: So, you'll give us a new appointment?!
      Ron: No, no, no-- there's nothing I can do. Sorry.
      Bobby (sobbing): Oh, please!
      Ron: No.

    • (Hank already had an unsettling morning when Peggy decided to start wearing just her underwear 'outside the master bathroom. Now, he has walked in on her)
      Hank: Bwah! Close the door!
      Peggy: Hank, there are no doors.
      Hank: What?! No!
      Peggy: Only when we take down our inner doors can we put them back up and then not use them.
      Hank: So, let me get this straight: To keep Bobby from running away, you have to do your business in front of me?
      Peggy: It's the only way.
      Hank: How did you even do that?
      Bobby (from down the hall): I'm trying to take a shower and there's no curtain! Come on!

    • Peggy: I bought each of you a cell phone.
      Bobby: Cool!
      Peggy: It only makes calls to me.
      Bobby: Oh. Does it get incoming calls?
      Peggy: Yes. From me.

    • Peggy: First one to breakfast gets to sit on my lap!

    • Bobby: Can I hang out with you for awhile?
      Joseph: You can if you want, but my dad's been testing Tasers, so you really have to watch out.

    • Peggy: (reading from her diary) "Dear diary, Bobby's eyebrows have still not grown in. It is disturbing."
      Bobby: Mom!

    • Stephen Davies (Parenting Coach): This is the real problem with parenting (points to Peggy) - complacency! Self-satisfaction!! Igno-rationalization!!! It's a word, I coined it in my book.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Bobby: I even had a dream that I was a bunny and you kept petting me, and petting me, and petting me...

      Allusion to "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck, in which one of the main characters (Lennie, who has some mental differences) has an affinity for small animals, but they often wind up dead from his love because he does not know his own strength or that he is smothering them with too much affection.

    • The comic Bobby is reading "Unvincible" is an allusion to the real life comic "Invincible" by Robert Kirkman. The heroes' costumes are virtually identical and even the lettering for the title is the same.

    • "Behind Closed Doors" is a 1973 song and album by Charlie Rich. Over the years, the song has been covered by many other artists.