King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 17

Bill of Sales

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Mar 12, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Bill picks up the case of Metalife products to put them in his car. After discovering he has a blister he picks up the box and the logo on the box is facing the left-hand side. The next shot it's changed to the front of the box. The change of shots was instant so there was no chance he could have turned the box around.

    • As Peggy & Bill are checking into the hotel, there is a wide shot of the lobby and Peggy is wearing a sleeveless shirt. In the next shot that is a close up and she is wearing a pink full sleeve shirt.

    • When Peggy is insulting Bill to try and get him to sell Metalife products again, he has a beer in his left hand. In the next shot when he tries to convince Peggy to give him another chance the beer has disappeared even though he never put the beer down. They were outside on the front lawn so there was not enough time for him to hide it or place it somewhere else on his front lawn.

    • Tagline: "Of course, uh, I'm still in the propane business." -Hank

    • After Dale apologizes for his Y2K hysteria, Peggy walks out with Metalife bars and offers to sell some to Dale. As she speaks, Dale clearly has his cigarette in his hand, but when the camera closes up for his response, he has the cigarette in his mouth, thus freeing his hand to open a beer. However, as he pulls his hand away from his beer, you can see a cigarette briefly appear in his hand again, even though he still has one in his mouth.

    • Because this episode was made before "Movin' On Up" but aired after, Luanne is still living with the Hills in this episode, even though she's already moved out.

  • Quotes

    • Bill: (wanting to buy the Meta-life products from Peggy) What can I get for a--quarter?
      Peggy: A soda, twenty years ago. (leaves)

    • (Peggy reads a list of insults at Bill as he waters his lawn.)
      Peggy: Hey, baldy! If you're looking for the hair on your head, why don't you check the... your shoulders and your back?
      Bill:Get off my lawn! I don't fertilize with poo!
      Peggy: Oh, yeah? Well, I wouldn't waste all that water on your lawn! You're going to need it to hose yourself down, uh, later, because... you stink!
      Bill: I- huh?!
      Peggy: You heard me! Even in France they would take notice of your bad odor!
      Bill: Well... y-you are rude, but in the morning, I'll be sober!
      Peggy: Shut up... lonely divorce... or you will be alone for the rest of your life!

    • Luanne: It's called psychology, Aunt Peggy. The disease of psychology. I'm taking it pass-fail.

    • Peggy: See you at the sales meeting tomorrow?
      Bill: Sounds exciting, but Tuesday's my ass-scratchin' day!

    • Peggy: "MetaLife." What is that?
      laney: Products for living.
      Peggy: M-hm, okay, those are useful.

    • Bobby: Come on, there's plenty to work with. It's Bill Dauterive. I mean, he's bald, but he has dandruff. What's that all about?
      Luanne: And don't forget his odor!
      Bobby: He's afraid of thunder!

    • Bill: Peggy! If I knew you were coming, I would have put on pants.

    • Hank: I can't sell at the office. It's a propane place. I need to keep that pure.

    • Hank: Sounds to me like one of those pyramid schemes.
      Peggy: No, not at all. As the brochure describes it, it is not a pyramid, it is a triangle. And it is not a scheme, Hank, it is an opportunity. Good question, though.

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