King of the Hill

Season 10 Episode 3

Bill's House

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 06, 2005 on FOX

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  • After Bill nurses the Hills through a bout of the flu, he misses feeling needed by them, and decides to become a volunteer at an alcoholics halfway house. But then he starts bringing more and more residents home with him. A fair but average tale...

    I found this to be a quite enjoyable if rather average episode.

    Hank, Peggy and Bobby suffering from flu at the beginning of the story is almost Simpsons-esque in that after the opening act it has very little to do with the rest of the story, other than leading to Bill working at the halfway house.

    With Bill bringing more and more residents home with him, Hank finds himself roped into taking care of them. This leads to a couple of enjoyable scenes as his lack of being able to show much emotion gets in the way, although I did feel that maybe more could have been made of this.

    In a b-plot, while she is ill, Peggy vows to learn to ride a bike. Although most other continuity errors can be explained away (and I can get over it even if they can't), I found this to be quite a bad continuity gripe, as Peggy has been shown to ride a bike in several past episodes.
    Anyway, it makes for a fair b-story, but doesn't really go anywhere (rather like Peggy hehe)!

    [spoiler] It does seem rather convenient that there is a vacant house opposite Draper (the head of the halfway house), but it did wrap the story up quite nicely. [End of spoiler]

    This isn't a bad episode, but generally an average one, and I find doesn't have as much re-watchable value as some other episodes.
  • Bill's House, In The Middle of The Street!

    This was overall a decent episode. It was really funny at the beginning, but part way through the jokes seemed to have stopped. It was entertaining, but it was almost weird how just halfway through I found myself no longer laughing. The Plot itself was pretty good, and it was funny to see Hank having to deal with over emotional alcoholics. The B Plot, was OK, but wasn't really funny. Probably the funniest (or really only funny) part of that plot was when Bobby said "that's mine over there" to the father. It's one of those episodes, that is funnier the first time, but loses its interest after a number of views, but still is a decent episode.
  • Bill's House is an amazing ride up all twelve steps of Opportunity House and it's ex-alcoholic residents. Bill gets involved by volunteering and things go downhill from there...

    Bill's House starts out with the Hill family coming down with a severe flu and Bill coming to the rescue. Hank is so grateful for Bill's great help in their time of crisis (and aches, chills and fevers) that he suggests Bill offer his services to all those in need of a helping hand. Bill takes this to heart and immediately volunteers at the Opportunity House halfway house with surprising results. When Bill gets completely taken advantage of, it's up to Hank to bail him out.


    The director of the halfway house sees Bill as a real life dupe and tricks him into keeping the ex-alcoholic residents at his very home, under the guise of there being no more room at the official facility. The state is sending the director a consistent flow of compensation checks for the hospitality of the operational halfway house, but with Bill taking in extras, he's getting rich on the government's dime. Tune in for an exciting episode.
  • A New Episode From An Animated Classic.

    King of the Hill is ending its long run this season and it's dishing out all it can in the process. Tonight's episode revolves around Bill and his love for caretaking. After Hank, Peggy, and Bobby get sick with the flu Bill comes in and takes care of them. He experiences a high when he does and tries to keep them sick so he can further his help. Once Hank catches wind that he is making them sick he decides to find Bill some work caring for people. He finds a halfway house and begins to care for the people who arrive. But then the halfway house falls under hard times and cannot take care of the inhabitants any longer so they all then go to "Bill's House" and the hilarity ensues. This is another great NEW installment in the King of the Hill series and it's a must watch if someone is trying to catch the show in it's final season.
  • Great Episode!

    This was a great episode the best part of the episode was when Bobby tried to teach peggy how to ride a bike unfortunaly get all of the king of the hill you can actually i think its a good idea that the show is coming to a end because it shouldn't suffer 16 seasons like the Simpsons

  • this kind of reminds me of the time on south park where sally struthers was feeding the starvin marvins. bill is taking care of the alcoholics and the guy is getting rich and bill is getting zero. the guy closes the place where they live and bill has plen

    we get to see what volunteering can get you. bill is going broke and the guy who has hired bill lives in a fancy house and well i guess you can say rich. the guys are giving him 600 dollars a month to live there and bill gets zero dineros.