King of the Hill

Season 10 Episode 3

Bill's House

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 06, 2005 on FOX

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  • Bill's House is an amazing ride up all twelve steps of Opportunity House and it's ex-alcoholic residents. Bill gets involved by volunteering and things go downhill from there...

    Bill's House starts out with the Hill family coming down with a severe flu and Bill coming to the rescue. Hank is so grateful for Bill's great help in their time of crisis (and aches, chills and fevers) that he suggests Bill offer his services to all those in need of a helping hand. Bill takes this to heart and immediately volunteers at the Opportunity House halfway house with surprising results. When Bill gets completely taken advantage of, it's up to Hank to bail him out.


    The director of the halfway house sees Bill as a real life dupe and tricks him into keeping the ex-alcoholic residents at his very home, under the guise of there being no more room at the official facility. The state is sending the director a consistent flow of compensation checks for the hospitality of the operational halfway house, but with Bill taking in extras, he's getting rich on the government's dime. Tune in for an exciting episode.