King of the Hill

Season 11 Episode 3

Blood and Sauce

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 18, 2007 on FOX
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After Bill goes into a funk over being childless, he gets convinced to seek out his relatives and puts together a BBQ. When he discovers that only one other relative (Gilbert) remains he gets sad, until he finds a way to have the Dauterive name live on. He agrees to sell a family secret sauce, with the help of Bobby, who is excited about being able to cook. Gilbert refuses to allow Bill to sell the sauce though.


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  • And Then There Were Two!

    I thought the plot of the episode was good, but that's about it. It was very boring for the most part, and it almost felt as if they were trying to not have jokes. It's one thing to not think a joke is funny, its another to ask, "where is it?" I think this could of been WAY better considering the plot it had. I agree it would have been nice to see Bill stick up for himself and have a better ending, but I actually think it would have been uncharacteristic. I thought the ending was really nice as the episode had a huge focus on Bobby and Bill connecting and it went that route, as suppose to Bill being all happy and selling his sauce. I don't think it felt unfinished, just kind of odd that it ended on a sad note. But this show has always had a realistic touch to it, so it works either way.moreless
  • An unsatisfying ending

    I too felt the episode was disappointing. I really wanted Bill to grow a spine and stand up to his pretentious cousin, or for the cousin to get hit by a bus, but no, just like "Little Horrors of Shop" and "A Rover Runs through It," I found myself asking, "Is this it?"

    I really wanted to see Bill redeemed, but once again, he goes back to being the hopeless loser he always was.

    Interesting note though, when Hank freaks out after seeing Bobby learn how to bake, its apparent that Hank is a lot like his father Cotton, (WHo believes certain things are "Women's work." )moreless
  • When Bill feels down that he has no children, he looks up his family tree and arranges a reunion. Only one person comes â€" his cousin Gilbert, who shares with Bill a special barbecue recipe â€" one that they soon fall out over. A mixed episode...moreless

    I'm not really sure what to make of this story. It has some nice moments, and personally I enjoyed it more than 'SerPUNt', but at the same time, it seemed too unfocused, with too many threads that were never really wrapped up properly.

    I normally like Bill-based episodes, and while this one shone in places, like I say, it was too all-over-the-place to completely work.

    The opening scenes, of Bill trying to trace his family, feel like they belong to another story â€" it is practically forgotten about once Gilbert and the barbecue recipe are introduced. They should have saved Bill and his family tree for another episode.

    I'd totally forgotten about cousin Gilbert (first seen in the fourth season's 'A Beer Can Named Desire') â€" I might have to go back and watch that episode on DVD to refresh my memory. He's an amusing character, although not one of my favourites.

    It is nice to see Bill and Bobby bonding, and these provide some of the episode's best moments. However, like everything else with the story, when it ended I felt like "...Is that it? What happened after that?!".

    All-in-all... well you get my feelings by now. Nice story concept, but too many loose threads left dangling at the end. It really needed to be wrapped up more satisfactorily.moreless
  • A decent storyline, but the jokes fell flat and I was left thinking "that's it?" by the end of the episode.

    Don't get me wrong. I love King of the Hill. And I mean, REALLY love KotH. If KotH was a beautiful woman I'd make sweet sweet love to her ROFL, but that's not the point I'm trying to make here. :P

    After a fantastic premiere to the season followed by the very entertaining Serpunt, Blood and Sauce featured a decent plot, but unfortunately lacked the humour to make it an "average" episode. The jokes were either overdone in earlier episodes, or they were simply nonexistent.

    In this episode, afraid that he won't be able to pass on his geneties, Bill throws a family reunion, but unfortunately he has only one blood relative left in the Daetrive bloodline, and he happens to be a "sissy".

    Possibly my least favourite episode to date, and this is coming from someone who has only ever watched seasons 1 through 3 (as well as Business is Picking Up and Bobby Goes Nuts). And I'll be getting my copy of Season 4 when it's released in Australia this week. :)moreless
  • Bill prepares a huge BBQ feast for the Dautrieve family reunion, bur the only person who shows up is his snooty cousin Gilbert from New Orleans. Gilbert insists the family BBQ receipe be kept a secret, and stops Bill's plans to sell the sauce.moreless

    I was thrilled to see Gilbert again. His snooty demeanor is hilarious! In the previous "Beercan Named Desire" episode, Bill beds two women, emerging as a winner in the bedroom! Regrettably, Bill's back to being a loser in "Sauce." Come on, hasn't the poor guy been through enough already? Why couldn't the writers have Gilbert support Bill in his BBQ endeavor, or at least give Bill a happy ending or hopeful furture? My favorite line in this episode was when Hank said, "Bill, that's alot of what ifs!" Thumbs up for Hank helping Bill get a grip on his emotions.moreless
David Herman

David Herman

Gilbert Dauterive

Guest Star

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Minh Souphanousinphone

Recurring Role

Ashley Gardner

Ashley Gardner

Nancy Gribble

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    • Bill (about giving Mr. Strickland the recipe for the barbeque): Okay, I'll do it. But I have to get Gilbert to agree.
      Buck: Oh, Bill...
      Bill: I didn't make the recipe, my family did. Hank, if I don't act honorably there's no point in preserving my name. It'd just be a word women have trouble remembering.

    • Bill: By family tradition, we only light the fire with a page of good news from the paper.
      Bobby: "Baboon arrives safely at Space Station."
      Bill: Space monkeys are always good news.

    • Bill: People will eat my food and say "Boy, those Dauterive's were something. It's a shame they're extinct."

    • Gilbert: Alas, we are the final two. Our family tree can safely be cut down to build or coffins.

    • Bobby: It's just like shop, dad, but when you're done, you can lick your tools.
      Hank: Shop is nothing like baking! You can't live inside a cake you built; you can't cut your finger off on a pastry bag!

    • (Gilbert is screaming at Bill, who is sobbing on his floor, when Hank comes in)
      Hank: Say, how ya doin' there Gilbert? Bill, I brought you some coffee.
      Gilbert: Sir, leave us - let the Dauterives nurse their wounded pride in darkness!
      Hank: Yeah, I keep hearing about the Dauterive pride but all I see are a crying drunk and an angry sissy. If you've got any real pride, stop kicking a man when he's down! You wanna talk more about this, you and I will do it outside!

    • (Bill and Gilbert are standing in Bill's yard after only Gilbert showed up to his family gathering)
      Bill: There's no one but us? But what about Aunt Esthme and Cousin Violetta?
      Gilbert: Aunt Esthme died of fever, Violetta died suddenly in her sleep - the swamp takes what it calls its own. Let me tell you of our ill-fated kin: (points at people in an old family photograph) consumption, drink, impostor, madhouse, public madhouse, barren, barren, barren - well, pretty much this whole left side. Leaving only us.

    • Genealogist: Lots of Americans have ancestors who are royalty - African princesses, Gaelic chieftains. Tracing them just takes time, money and a flexible definition of royalty.
      Bill: I have all three!

    • Dale: Now that Joseph is thirteen, I'm teaching him the family exterminating business. I named this little fella Joseph (holds up a rat in a cage) - to be an effective exterminator you first have to learn to kill a little part of yourself.

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