King of the Hill

Season 6 Episode 1

Bobby Goes Nuts

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 11, 2001 on FOX

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  • Such a Nutty Episode

    Not only is this one of the best episodes of Season 6, it's also one of the best season premieres and one of the best episodes period! This episode has everything that makes up a good KOTH episode. It has a great plot, funny lines from all the characters and too many hilarious moments to count. Everything about this episode just works, and probably has the best line ever on the show: "That's my purse, I don't know you!" And it's not that the line is funny, it's who says it and how he says it. This is a must see episode, that even if you aren't a KOTH fan you need to watch! What a great way to start a season.
  • One of the Most Normal Episodes

    This episode is very hilarious. It is easily one of the most well easily quoted episodes of the series.

    Bobby starts becoming a bully, kicking people's groins, a move he learned at a women's self-defense course. But soon he goes overboard- probably around the time he kicks Hank's groin.

    So, Bobby is punished, but he realizes {with some help from Kahn} that since Hank cannot get up, Bobby can be the man of the house.

    So Bobby and Peggy get in a fight over a Gameboy, and when Bobby tries to kick Peggy's groin, he realizes women don't have testicles- or at least Peggy doesn't.

    A hilarious episode
  • Bobby needs to take a class so he can fight his own battles. He goes to one that teacthes him to fight by kicking testicles. After Bobbly becomes a bully Hank must teach Bobby not to fight that way which leads Bobby to rebel and cause major pain for Hank.

    This episode is Hill-arious (sorry I couldn't resist). This is brillant writting and a perfect example of how animated sitcoms have more freedom than live action sitcoms. I don't think this episode would be half as good live. This is one of those stories where the plot is out of the ordinary but still believable, which is what King of the Hill does best. I can honestly say that this is my favorite episode for its clever dialouge and laugh out loud moments. I cracked up every time Bobby sayed "that's my purse" and "I don't know you". If you havent seen this episode yet I highly suggest you do.
  • I never stopped being entertained.

    This was one of the funniest King of the Hill episodes of the entire series. It was absolutely hilarious. I have to say that the writers did a nice job with the plot and the comedy was great. Everything played out so well and it was really entertaining from beginning to end. I can't choose my favorite parts because there are so many to choose from. One of my favorites had to be where Bobby kicks Hank. Another would have to be where he kicks Peggy, but nothing happens. The look on Bobby's face was classic! Overall, this episode was wonderfully hilarious. Thank you.
  • Bobby learns to kick low, Hank tries to make him unlearn the lesson and should regret it.

    One of my favorite episodes.

    Personally, I have grown to dislike Hank more and more as the seasons progress, since he acts so ignorant and obnoxious, especially towards Bobby (fine parenting, Hank; try and force the kid into being mini-Hank, which will ultimately drive him away).

    Sorry, back to the point.

    One of my favorite parts is Hank's misguided attempts to teach Bobby to hit above the belt, only Hank forgets the boy is no jock, so Bobby gets mad and nails Hank with a low kick.

    Like I said, there have been so many episodes that make me despise Hank that I love moments like that.
  • Funney

    This episode starts out when Bobby goes over to Connie’s house to brighten up her sleep over. Then Chine comes over and starts picking on Bobby and makes him eat dirt. Next Bobby takes a women’s self defense class at the YMCA and goes around kicking people in the groin like Hank, and Chain. At the end of the episode Hank was teaching Bobby how to fight above the belt and Bobby kicks him right in the groin. After Hank punches Bobby he goes over to Connie’s house and Connie’s dad Con tells him he should not listen to Hank. So Bobby goes up to him and starts to play a game in front of him. So Peggy takes over for Hank and fights Bobby.
  • After being threatened by Chane and other bullies, Hank tells Bobby to take up self-defense. Unfortunately, the only class Bobby can take is women's self-defence. Bobby learns a move that will cause a lot of commotion later on.

    LAUGH OUT LOUD! This episode was hilarious and one of the best! I thought one of the funniest and best parts was when Hank was teaching Bobby to fight above the belt, and Bobby ended up kicking HIM in the groin! And then when Hank woke up, Bill said, "You have been kicked in the testicles." And then the paramedic was like, "We...couldn't find the other one...DON'T WORRY! We're sure it's there..." This episode proved that animation doesn't have to be outrageous or filled with cheap gags in order to be funny.

    And then Kahn had the nerve to tell Bobby that he didn't have to listen to Hank because he couldn't move, and then Bobby played video games even though Hank didn't want him to. I thought it was funny how Hank spoke. He said, "Give me that got dang vidya game!" Like George Dubya Bush, Hank said "vidya" game. That's another thing I thought was really funny.

    This episode was wonderful. It was no doubt one of the best episodes of King of the Hill.

    Most of the time and the show’s you usually watch are pretty much the same thing every episode. I’m not saying its exact same thing over and over again; I'm just saying that probably has the same humor level the same ok not great watching experience. I get it a lot watching the Simpson’s and a lot of the other animated series, maybe it’s because the writers to one and over the top and some of the episodes and have their fans expected all the time from them and they are not able to produce may lose some of their fan base because of it.

    But once in every leap year or so it seems there’s a show that just puts one episode right over the top. A totally complete perfectly written one and a million perfect episode. Bobby goes nuts and gave us probably the best episode on television in a very long time; I personally think it was the best show ever.

    There was just something about it, you know what I figured it out it was Bobby kicking kids in the groin. It was absolutely hilarious, like come on he was using women’s self defense techniques to beat up the other kids at a school. I think the funniest part about it was when he shouted I don’t know you that’s my purse, and everybody always looked really confused and then wham oh right in the groin. It doesn’t get much funnier than that. It was the best episode ever, and if you haven’t seen it you should probably kill yourself because you have no reason to live (just kidding but it was totally awesome).

    I honestly believe that the people who watch shows and like family guy and other crap like that don’t give a King of the Hill the respect it deserves. But I think this episode would silence all the critics of the show. And I would give my left nut if any of you family guy retards could find an episode in that crap pile you call a show that is better than this one. Ah guess what you can’t.

    Best episode ever period.