King of the Hill

Season 13 Episode 14

Born Again on the Fourth of July

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 19, 2009 on FOX

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  • The Demons of the Episode.

    This episode is kind of a dud. It is typical Bobby taking something he is involved in, to an extreme level; think "Bobby Goes Nuts", "Reborn to be Wild" etc. It has funny moments, but it just seemed like there was a ton of stuff crammed in. Also, while Bill and Boomhauer are Hank's best friends, they are technically Milton residences and seem to not believe so. I actually think having them have to conflict with their own next door neighbours would have added to the story as suppose to ignoring the fact they live there. Considering the plot lines, the episode had some boring moments. So much happened and yet it still seemed to drag at moments. It is still entertaining overall, but I think it could have been much better.
  • Another typical Bobby-centric episode.

    At the this episode, Bobby seems to be lazier than usual. He fails to go to church with his parents because of his slothfulness. Worse, while at home, he steals from his mother's purse to buy a pizza. That causes Peggy to overreact and make outlandish assumptions. Lucky decides to intervene via taking Bobby to his church (Continuity, what's that?). Inside the "church", Bobby meets his-inspiration-of-the-episode.

    Meanwhile, Hank and the rest are preparing for the 4th of July. Hank wants to outdo a rival street via having a better fireworks display than them. John Redcorn makes a brief appearance as an illegal fireworks sells man... for some reason. However, Bobby, who is spouting ridiculous phrases, ruins everything when he smashes a paper-mache of Uncle Sam. Hank, being his usual oblivious and obsessive self, blames the rival street instead of noticing the obvious.

    Hank inadvertently starts a fight, which ends with both sides losing everything for nothing. And Bobby, who will revert to his usual lazy ways the next episode, barely manages to escape punishment.

    Overall, this is a typical Bobby-centric episode with an okay setup. The ending, however, is terrible. Nobody learns anything, and everything returns to the status quo. How predictable.