King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 2

Cotton's Plot

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Oct 03, 1999 on FOX

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  • Walk This Way

    Was this a fantastic episode? No. Was it really funny? No. Was it REALLY needed? Outside of the fact that it helps Peggy go from in a cast to walking by the next episode, no. But, what this episode is, is a good look into Cotton's life. It has an OK plot, one that kind of HAD to be done, although, probably could have been done better. The B plot was not funny, and just kind of weird. I guess they needed a way to include the friends. There were some pretty funny moments, but overall, it was OK at best. What I did really like was that it stated something very true. Cotton is crazy and obviously makes up stories about war, but the fact is, he fought and lost his shins. It is something that, no matter how much you hate Cotton, you can't disagree with. Except that for the fact that this episode is important for continuity wise, I would say, it's not that big of a deal if you miss it.
  • great

    peggy is out of her cast but she still cannot walk. so she needs help. she decides not to go to proffesional help but instead has cotton help. cotton tells her stories about the war to motivate her, but what will happen when peggy learns that maybe cotton exaggerated his stories a little?

    good episode, not really one of my favorite episodes ever but it did have a good plot and it continues from the past two episodes in a pretty nice way. because of all this, my overall grade for this episode would have to be a B methinks
  • Okay showing.

    I wasn't that thrilled with this episode. It was just okay, but overall I felt like it was a big letdown. There wasn't really any comedy high points and the plot was just dull. I didn't rate it lower because it was actually okay in terms of progressing the characters on the show, but other than that, I found it to be a waste of an episode. It wasn't all bad. I thought that the few bright spots had to be where Cotton makes Peggy listen to him to get back on her feet. It was kind of funny but also weird. Thank you.
  • Good Cotton episode in which you certainly get to see a more human side of the man

    This is really part three of the season 3 finale / season 4 premiere as it continues the peggy revovery storyline. I have to say this is much more entertaining than the previous episode and I think the prominant role of Cotton helps to make this a better episode. I particuarly like his part in the episode because we get to see a more human side to him, and I think he is typicaly funny as well. Overall the storyline is still pretty repetative and a lack of sub story doesn't help but it is still a fine episode with some cool moments
  • Peggy gets Cotton help to recover from her accident.

    Since Peggy's accident she's weak and Cotton offers to help her. Despite his training tough, Peggy doesnt quit. She then learns most of Cottons old war stories are fake, which puts Cotton in danger because when he dies he wants to be buried in a army gravesight. Peggy finally decides (because Hank tells her how Cotton really did get hurt in the war) to not only come back to his treatment, but get him a spot in the graveyward. They visit the spot and Cotton tells Peggy if she crawls the hill to his spot, she can dance on his grave. She does, and together the two dance.
  • This episode shows possibly the one time when peggy is in need of cotten

    This episode is about peggy's rehab after she gets out of her body cast. Cotten then takes peggy out of her rehab and trains her himself if she helps him with his application to get into the Texas State Cematary. Cotten puts her through a number of obstacles such as crawling around without her wheel chair. Which hank calls torture. Hank tries to convince her to stop listening him, but she belives that he is actually helping him.

    This is a good episode in the series because it shows the small kindness to the angery Cotten Hill. Oh yes and the joke of Hank's friends using peggy's body cast.