King of the Hill

Season 9 Episode 5

Dale To the Chief

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Jan 30, 2005 on FOX

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  • Hank Vs. The Government

    This was a great episode, one of my all time favourites. I think the writing is brilliant! The idea of having Dale, who is so anti-American become a pro-America guy while Hank who is usually so patriotic start to hate the government is genius. I thought the Hank being a lady jokes were smart, and they didn't get old or boring which could of easily happened in this episode. It was highly entertaining and each character was really funny in this episode. This episode was a classic, and it is nice to have a standout in a season which was mostly full of duds.
  • An interesting episode.

    I liked the episode for the most part. It actually was quite good in plenty of ways. I think that now with the way things are going, it is sometimes fun to laugh at things that aren't normally funny. I like how many times Dale contradicted himself when he was trying to figure out if he could trust the government. Seeing him switch was very entertaining. The writing was good, the storylines were fresh, and the comedy was decent. One thing I couldn't stand was how long it took Dale to get back into his normal, paranoid self. Overall, it was decent. Thank you.
  • A bit tiresome, but funny at times

    Another fairly average episode from this series. I can see why people would really likely, esspecialy Dale fans, but I think this is not as good as it could have been. The Synopsis sounded brilliant, but actualy they didn't make that much of what I felt could have been a great episode in the right hands. The parts with Hankl are actualy the best but when he gets so frustrated its hard to find things funny. We feel for him as a persons so when all the bad things happen we actualy want him to do well. I though Dale was annoying at times, but not in his ussual way, he was just really ANNOYING! Maybe I'm being to harsh it is still an alright later series episode.
  • Dale re-reads the Warren Commission Report and decides that it wasn't a conspiracy after all, and is soon an all-American patriot. Meanwhile, Hank is dismayed to find that his new drivers license states him as female. A silly but very enjoyable episode...

    This episode very much centres on Dale, which is great, as he is one of the best characters (and one of the funniest) in the series.

    After the years of Dale believing in even the most ridiculous conspiracy theories, it is amusing to suddenly see him as a flag-waving patriot who won't hear a word said against the Government.

    It is indeed a sudden change of character, rather like the previous season's 'The Redneck on Rainey Street'. But if you're prepared to look past the sudden change (and his eventual sudden change back), this is a really nice, enjoyable episode.

    Hank's dismay at finding his new drivers license states him to be female, and his subsequent futile attempts to get it corrected, makes for a great parallel plot, and the two tie up nicely in the end.
  • While reading the Warren Commission Report to Joseph at bedtime, he realizes the government was right about who shot Kennedy, and decides the government is right about other things. Meanwhile, Hank can't get the DPS to correct a mistake on his license.

    Watching Dale become a government supporter is hilarious, esecially after eight seasons of his nutty, anti-government rantings. Suddenly, just because he believes the government was right about the Kennedy assasination, he is convinced they are right about everything. He abandons his anarchist ways and conspiracy-theorist beliefs, and begins adorning himself in pro-America gear, and even decks out the Bug-a-Bagoo with American flags that aren't upside-down. Of course, Hank has always loved his country and its government, especially the Old Gipper ("What president should I do my report on, dad - oh right, Ronald Reagan."), but his struggle with the Department of Public Safety (Texas does not have a DMV division, DPS handles licenses) is leading him to believe the government isn't so great after all. It's nice to see Hank frustrated and unable to quickly fix the problem with a clever idea and creative thinking - watching Hank fix everyone's problems gets a little predictable and boring at times. Also, Bobby and Peggy's jokes at Hank's expense - Bobby: "This letter is addressed to 'Mrs. Hill' but I don't know which one." Hank: "I'm getting tired of that joke!" - are dumb, but pretty funny - "Are you going to wear that, Hank? Because I have a cute little purse that would go right with it!" - and even funnier is Hank's reaction: banishing Bobby, then Peggy, to the living room so he can sort mail in peace in the kitchen.

    One of the funniest parts of thie episode is the Homeland Security agent that comes to visit Hank. It all starts when Dale paints a giant American flag on Hank's roof. While a patriot, Hank does not want a giant flag on his roof, so he begins to wash it off (after threatening Dale - "We've proved I can kick your ass when I'm on a ladder before!") Dale, like the good, watchful American citizen he is, reports Hank's flag destruction and informs Homeland Security of Hank's complaints against the DPS, resulting in a visit from a government official who explains he's not looking for anything in particular, but Hank isn't it.

    While many episodes in the later seasons of King of the Hill become less centered around more realistic, everyday-life story lines than the earlier seasons' plots of Nancy's affair, Peggy's teaching trials and tribulations and Kahn's dissatisfaction with his neighbors, this episode manages to pull off the slightly different style of story but is still great to watch and doesn't deter from the characters that have already been developed - Hank gets angry, but he never believes the DPS is conspiring against him, as Dale would, saving this from being a stereotypical "switching places" plotline.