King of the Hill

Season 8 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Mar 28, 2004 on FOX

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  • To Observe and Laugh

    This was a great episode of KOTH! Cotton and Dale being the two leads was awesome. Both of them did a fantastic job in this episode. The episode was more then just entertaining. It was actually one of the funniest ones all season. The scene where they all trash talk Cotton is one of the funniest things KOTH has had in a long time. Everything and everyone in this episode was A+ and just worked. It is probably the best episode of, not only this season, but of the later seasons too. I also liked how much change you see Cotton go through in this episode and he really is shown as a well rounded person, which is rare for his character. Fantastic job KOTH!
  • The audience FINALLY gets to see the somewhat human side of Cotton Hill. During a random drop in visit to see his son, Cotton goes from unwelcomed guest,to unruly senior day camp attendee, to auxillary cop, to solving his son's nuances.

    I LOVE this episode!!! Within the first few minutes, the tone that was set for the entire episode was amazing, and the episode did a good job keeping the tempo.

    The audience acutally gets a chance to see the human side of Cotton Hill. Even though he is still very overbearing, he does try to connect with Hank and his family. He attempts to help Peggy at the beginning, and he even tries to have a nice conversation with her (granted, he still called her "Hank's wife."). He tried to help sell grills at Strickland, even though he accidentally burns off a customer's eyebrows. The audience gets a sense that Cotton is actually trying to connect, but he fails. This causes a sense of compassion for Cotton that I don't think the audience had before, or had very little in "Returning Japanese 1 & 2." When Cotton finally solves the mystery of how Hank's possessions are moved around (and his grapefruit juice is being drunk), it is all thanks to Dale's Daletech. The two characters that seem (at the beginning) to ruin everyone else's lives on Rainy street, ends up being the two who saves the day.
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