King of the Hill

Season 9 Episode 3

Death Buys a Timeshare

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Jan 16, 2005 on FOX

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  • Wish They Hadn't Shared This Waste of a Time!

    This is one of the most boring episodes of the whole series. Season 9 really lacked a lot of things, and interesting plot points is one of them. Previously the episodes that weren't that funny, at least weren't boring. This is one of those episodes where you spend more time asking, "is it almost over?" than actually watching the episode itself. I can see they TRIED to have Cotton be his usual self, but it just didn't work, and Bill, was somewhat funny (probably more so the first time you watch it) but seeing him get beat up just isn't entertaining enough for this episode. The best part was actually the B Plot. Those scenes were really funny. I actually wish, they spent more time in those scenes.
  • They got the water that doesn't give you the hot poops. Swanky!

    Well Topsy has died and left Cotton $10,000. So during a heat wave Cotton, Hank and Bill (or as Cotton calls him "fatty") head down to Mexico to check out a time share while Peggy, Bobby and Dale go on a trespassing/pool hopping spree.
    The plot line was a little weak but amusing especially if you've ever dealt with those smarmy time share sales people. Hank, in his typical idealistic fashion tries to save his annoying father from the scam. Absurdity ensues.
    I have to say, Cotton Hill episodes are never my favorites but this one was less bad than others.
  • One of the worst episodes.

    I only found one element funny and that was Bill being Bill. Other than that, this episode was so dull and uneventful that I almosts stopped watching the first time. It was just slow and predictable and it never really was entertaining. I have to admit that it wasn't the worst episode. Cotton was being ignorant and stupid for falling for a scam. I think that being hard-headed is very much a negative for him. Hank tried to convince him to get out of the mess, but it was no use. Overall, this was a bad episode that was rather pointless and uninteresting. Thank you.
  • Good not great. Lack of Topsy is a massive shame.

    This is a good epiosde, not great. Certainly isn't up to the standered of the previous episode although that was sensational. Nonetheless this has its moments, and its always nice to see Cotton featured. The one huge, glaring fault of this episode is Topsey. His death is brushed over in seconds which is a massive shame as all his previous apperances have been halarious and I would have loved to have seen more from him. He is one of the great overlooked charictors in the series, and therefore I think this episode is somewhat of a missed oppertunity. However still a solid episode, if a little confuesd at times. It also lapses in quality from time to time, as do many newer episodes. Still, not bad by any means.
  • Cotton inherits $10,000 in a friend's will, and decides to buy a timeshare in Mexico. Hank goes too, to try and talk him out of it, in this rather plain episode...

    So much for my reviewing of season 9 - on the second episode, my DVD went corrupt before I'd even watched the episode. D'oh (oh, wrong show)! Anyway...

    This isn't really one of my favourite episodes. I found it lacking in any real gags.

    Cotton is a good character for the odd great line, but on the whole, Cotton-based episodes aren't generally amongst my favourites.

    The sub-plot, of Dale, Peggy and Bobby trying to find a place to cool off during a heatwave, is much more pleasing. I did feel it lacked a final punch-line though (so wasn't all that surprised when I read that a final scene was intended, but dropped for time restraints).

    All-in-all, one of the show's lesser episodes.
  • Hank does his best to stop his father from wasting his money on a Mexican time-share.

    When Hank's father comes into some money and heads off to Mexico to look at a time share, Hank and Bill go along to make sure the old man doesn't get ripped off. In the end, Hank realizes that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. In a side plot, Peggy, Bobby and Dale look for ways to beat the summer heat back in Arlen.

    Despite being a cartoon, King of the Hill is one of the most realistic shows on the air. The show's humor comes from Hank's "normal" reactions to the odd problems he is confronted with. Generally, no matter what the situation, Hank's common sense and willingness to work at a problem usually carries the day. Despite poking fun at working class values and hard work, the overall tone of the show is one that actually affirms them.

    This episode of King of the Hill strays from that formula and it's a little bit sad, actually. Despite trying his best, Hank doesn't win, the bad guys do. True to life but not very affirming. I don't think I like that so I don't give this episode very high marks.