King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 1

Death of a Propane Salesman (2)

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Sep 15, 1998 on FOX

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  • Death of Buckley!

    What a way to start a season. This is even better than Part 1, which was incredible. This not only had a very solid plot line but was also hilarious. All the little mini-plots were good, with Dale seeking out the truth, Bobby feeling scared of his dad dying etc. It also had pretty much every recurring guest character on the show, minus Cotton, Didi and Tilly. This two-parter is extremely well written and is a must watch for all KOTH fans, and even non-KOTH fans. As mentioned with Part 1, it takes something that is a pretty serious situation and manages to find a ton of laughs in it, without really making fun of the situation itself. One of the best of the series, and starts off arguably the best season of the series.
  • great

    conclusion to the previous episode finds hank and luann have survived, but buckley has died. luann has lost all her hair and must cope, and hank finds out that he is now of propane because of how the accident happened, and fear of dying. can he cope?

    good episode and an overall good conclusion to the previous episode, i just find some of it, especially near the end, to be kind of boring, and that is why my grade isn't higher. Overall it was a nice opening to the third season, arguably one of the best seasons. Grade- a B
  • Hank Hill is in a very precarious place in his career during this episode. The Mega-Lo-Mart is conducting an investigation because of the recent explosion and Hank seems to have a very obvious motive for this particular crime.

    In this episode many factors come into play after the big bang at the Mega-Lo-Mart. Hank now fears propane, crime scene investigators and his co-workers' knowing glances. Even Mr. Strickland wears a wire and beats around the bush a bit about the explosion. Now Hank feels he needs to pretend to really miss Buckley, though he barely ever spoke to the boy in real life. Luanne, on the other hand, has not only lost her hair - but she's also lost her entire mind! She now seems to think she's irish (not Texan) and has taken up a cause similar to the IRA's battle against the United Kingdom. We even see her at Buckley's funeral spouting "fight the occupation!" and showing a photo of a very fat Bobby as a stupid example of a "starving Irish child". Tune in to laugh at all your favorite charactures.
  • Hank and Luanne have lived threw the explosion, but Buckley is dead, Luanne is bald, and Hank is now scared of propane.

    After a Recap of the last episode, Hank and Luanne live threw the explosion which blew up the Mega Lo Mart. Luanne lost all of her hair and Buckley died. Hank soo discovers he is scared of propane. Buck gives him his job back, but he is still scared of being blown up. They go to Buckley's funeral where Kahn tells a joke about a strawberry. Meanwhile, Luanne has decided to become a activist. Bobby overhears Hank talking to his friends about what would happen to Bobby if Hank died. Bobby gets scared and runs away. Hank learns that Bobby ran away and finds him. He talks to Bobby and makes him feel better. then, Hank tells Bobby the same story Kahn told, only it is slightly differant.
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