King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 5

Death Picks Cotton

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 11, 2007 on FOX

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  • Cotton, You Will Be Missed

    This is an episode I struggle with, because I really do enjoy it as an entertaining, and emotional episode. However, there are a couple of technical things that bother me. The main one is why aren't Didi and GH around. Wouldn't anyone have thought to call her? It really doesn't make sense. The other thing that bothers me is how they left Bobby out. I really enjoyed the B Plot and thought it was funny, but Bobby is the only person that Cotton truly loved. Even Didi and GH he had issues with at some point. I don't know if they didn't want to get too sad, or if they needed a B Plot for time, but I think the episode would have been even better with showing Bobby dealing with the potential death. Those are some pretty big things, but outside of that, the episode really was good. I think it was nice they kept Cotton the way he always was, and Hank still trying to connect. It really is a hilarious episode, but content wise, it could have been better written. Overall a good episode. . Cotton Hill: American!
  • R.I.P. Cotton Hill, even if you don't deserve it.

    In this episode of King of the Hill, the show lost a pivotal character as Hank's miserable father, Cotton Hill, died the way he lived, as an ungreatful, obnoxius, rude, hateful excuse for a human being who didn't want to be loved, mourned, or even remembered because he realized that he didn't deserve it. After the uncalled for tounge-lashing he gave to Hank and Peggy, it's understandable why she chewed him out on his deathbed and why she lied to Hank about his dying words. Hank deserves at least one fond memory of his old man. I feel that this is a perfect Veterans Day episode.
  • Farewell Cotton

    So, Cotton gets in a fight with some chef at a restaurant, and he is in the hospital, in bad condition. He keeps stopping his heart and trying to scare everyone. At the end of the episode, sadly, he does in fact die.

    This episode surprised me. If anything, I thought Cotton would die in the final season or something. This episode was a really funny and well-written episode with some good emotion when they needed it. The main plot was mostly emotion and the sub plot was mostly humor, which worked well for this episode. Definitely one of the best, IMO
  • Funny episode!

    I really like this episode. I like the scenes with Bobby at Luanne and Lucky's house, as well as the scenes with Cotton in the hospital. There are many funny lines in the episode. One of my favorites is when Lucky and Bobby are about to roll down the hill in the tire and Luanne yells, "Lucky no, it's not safe." Then after a few cars drive by she says, "okay, now it's safe." Also, I found it funny how Peggy lied to Hank and told him that Cotton said he loved him. And when Hank said, "Do I have to cut his head off?" (which was Cotton's request for when he died), Peggy replied, "Oh, he said he changed his mind and doesn't want that." Loved it! Gets a perfect score.
  • Definitely not as good as it could have been but at the same time not as bad as it could have been but watchable nonetheless.

    Although this episode wasn't dreadful there are a lot of questionable points such as ......where were didi and g.h.....why was Hank seemingly non chalant about the prospect his father could die soon. The situation which led to Cotton being hospitalized was surreal for KOTH's standards and seemed like it was a forced plot element not having any logical build up. The actual death of cotton had its emotional impact dampened by his repeated "deaths" in the episode and the ending seemed out of character for peggy. There were some genuinly good lines in the episode such as cotton's remark about peggy's lasagne.
  • What will happen to G.H. ??

    Poor cotton One of my favorite charectors and he dead. one the Funniest episode to me, this one is on my dvr protected. I watch it still. Sad sad day ... Cant kill the show tell we see G.H. and what happens to him. Maybe dee dee can lose it finally and give g.h. to the hills and hank can raise his little brother. What will happen next to them . . . . . ...... .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • A good allusion is this title is from the film "Death Picks Her".

    But It was great over all. It was hilarious when he said " Oh look here a cooking tojo!" I laughed so hard I cried is that not sad. But 100 word minimum. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
  • cotton, your dead

    i was touched by this epiosde. i knew it would come soon but Cotton's death is kinda hard to swallow. he's not huch of a lovable character, but i did cry when is saw cotton die like 3 times. cotton was a really big jerk and never loved his son but never expected his son to love him. i also liked how peggy reaceted to some of this. this was a greta tearjerking episode that i give, a 8.4. ......... ........ .... ...... ...... ........ ..... ..... .... .. .... ...... ... ..... ...... ..... ... .... ...... ...... ... ....
  • Best episode this season. Goodbye Cotton!

    The episode marks the end of Cotton. After suffering lung, head, and chest injuries at a restraunt, Cotton is near death, and Hank's afraid to visit him. Bobby goes to temporally live with Luanne and Lucky until Cotton dies. The two soon discover they aren't very good parents but change their minds when one acts mean and the other acts nice to Bobby. Cotton basically tourments Hank as he continues to flatline but coming back to life. Hank tells his dad he loves him, which makes Cotton mad. Hank leaves for a minute and Peggy enters the room. She tells Cotton because of how mean he is she wants him to live forever, in his own personal hell. So then Cotton dies. As a tribute to Cotton, Dale blows up Hank's newely built shed.
  • This may be the worst King of the Hill.

    This episode feels like they had to come up with a rushed plot to kill off Cotton. Didi doesn't even show up at any point, and there is no funeral or memorial. Cotton was one of the best characters on this show, and the way he died does him zero justice. As an episode, the plot sucks. The writers decided to jump on the bandwagon of doing stories that take place at Benihana type restaurants. The good times for King of the Hill have passed (long passed but this episode just amplifies that reality). We are now stuck with a show that has its writers constantly stretch the definitions of the main characters and try and make Tom Petty's redneck character likable. That last one should be easy; they made it hard.
  • Can the Reaper stopped Cotton?

    Hank's mean old dad, is in the Veterans Hosptial after he cloak on a srimp. He's spending his time in bed complaining to Hank and to everybody else. I was wondering, he had a wife and a son. Where were they when he was dying? Did I miss anything? Anyway, I give you the ending. He died and was remembered at the end. I like cotton, but he's a little too grouchy. He like hank's son and a fe other peopel. that's about it. Cotton died with honor. And that episode was aired on Veterans' Day. Making this episode more special.
  • RIP Cotton Lyndal Hill 1927-2007.

    Cotton the tojo fighting maniac suffers a tantrum, and in his age; he is hospitalized for a long time. He understands a way to make his heart run slower, but once peggy defends her husband seriously he dies and maybe realizes what he had done to his son. The way i understand it, he is only that way to his son because of all the fighting he had done during WWII. Its upsetting to see a character die, and many people wont remember him, but those king of the hill fans, and viewers will always remember the moment when Cotton died of embarrassment for torturing his sons life.

    Cotton Lynal Hyndal Hill
    you were a bad person!!!
    But we HARDLY knew ye!!!