King of the Hill

Season 10 Episode 15

Edu-macating Lucky

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 14, 2006 on FOX

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  • worst episode ever!

    I hated this episode so much! It's pure evil! Do not ever watch this crap! It features the worst character at her absolute worst. That's all i will say. Now let's get the hell as far away from this page as possible before i throw a grenade at my computer screen.
  • Edu-Mataining The Viewer!

    This was a pretty good episode. One thing KOTH has been generally consistent with is having pretty good season finales. Some are only decent, but the majority of them are really good. This is another very good one. It has a lot of humour, and also has a lot of heart. Luanne hasn't been in much of the season, so to dedicate the finale to her was nice. Well, really it was dedicated to Lucky, but she played a major role. There weren't a ton of laugh out loud moments, but it was still very good and entertaining. It also felt like a finale with there being some big reveals! Overall it was a very good finale, for a pretty decent (and much improved) season!
  • When Lucky asks Peggy to tutor him to get his GED in order to be 'good enough' to marry Luanne, Peggy isn't keen on the idea and deliberately teaches him wrong answers. Then an announcement by Luanne changes everything. A well written episode...

    This review contains spoilers.

    This is the 'official' 200th episode of 'King of the Hill', although some count the previous one in that position. (It's all to do with season six's two-part 'Turning Japanese' being counted as a single story).

    Anyway, this is a well written and enjoyable episode. I really like the character of Lucky - as with so many other characters in the series, what could have so easily been a stereotype character going for cheap laughs is actually a warm and likeable character.

    It also marks one of the key changes in the series, as Luanne and Lucky (eventually) plan to get married, and Luanne falls pregnant.

    A nice end to an enjoyable season. Although some fans have said that the tenth season wasn't so good, I personally found it to mostly have some very good episodes, with only the odd 'average' installment here and there.
  • Obviousally one of the best episodes ever. Lucky wants his G.E.D so he can marry Luanne and Luanne is pregant.

    Peggy is worried about Luanned dating Lucky. She thinks Luanne could do much better. Then, Lucky asks Peggy to tutor him so he can get his G.E.D. Everyone learns that Lucky only wants his G.E.D so he can ask Luanne to marry him. Peggy purposelly teaches Lucky the wrong thing so he would fail his G.E.D test. He does, and Peggy is happy. Then, Luanne announces that she is pregant. Lucky says he wont marry Luanne because of his "code of honor." Peggy tells Lucky and Hank what she did. Lucky says he'll marry Luanne if Hank makes it a "shotgun wedding." At the end, Luanne and Buckley get married and Peggy realizes that Lucky isn't so bad.
  • Perhaps one of the best episodes that's ever aired in the series, and far and away the best this season. KOTH already stands out as the smartest cartoon on TV, but episodes like this show it as one of the funniest too.

    I can't really put a finger on why I love King of the Hill, but I have since I watched the Pilot so many years ago. Edu-macating Lucky stands out as a reminder why the show has lived on so long.

    First, you get the first major character "change" in years, with Luanne's little announcement. Second, you get to see further development in Lucky, who's easily become one of the funnier semi-regulars on the cast. Instead of flourishing on the one-liner jokes that have become the norm, the jokes hinge on the characters and what they stood for.

    "I called the jewelry channel last night, and the put me on the air; I ended up crying. I bought a ring for Peggy... ssshhhsh." - Bill

    And that wasn't the funniest part of the show, that was just a small sidejoke. Easily one of the funniest episodes of the last few seasons, ranking up there with "It ain't over until the Fat Neighbor Sings" and "Church Hopping" in my book.