King of the Hill

Season 10 Episode 15

Edu-macating Lucky

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 14, 2006 on FOX



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Lucky (to Luanne): That's funny, Baby Girl. (to others) I'm dating a regular Fozzie Bear!!!!

    • Hank (to Dale and Bill): When it comes down to it, Lucky's really not that bad a guy, but Peggy won't admit it
      Kahn (overhearing the conversation): Oh yeah, Lucky is JUST who you want in your gene pool. Your family's gonna evolve right back into fish!

    • Dale: So Hank, what do you think they name the baby? How about Dennis? After where he was conceived, in your den Hank!

    • Hank: What kind of code lets you return a bag of shaving cream and not marry a girl you got knocked up?

    • Bill: So when's the wedding, Hank? Is it before or after the baby shower?

    • Lucky: Luanne Leanne Platter, would you make me the happiest man in the... hold on... is that gun cocked? It's gotta be cocked.
      Hank: I'm not gonna cock it!

    • Lucky: Now what's the value of PI again... oh right... 90210.

    • Bill: I got drunk last night... called into the jewelry channel again. They put me on the air and I wound up cryin'.... bought a ring for Peggy!

    • Dale: I recognize that walk. Somewhere there is an ass about to be kicked.

    • Bobby: (to Lucky about Peggy) Whatever you do, don't correct her Spanish.

  • Notes

    • This was advertised as the 200th episode. Technically it's the 201st episode to be broadcast, but if you count the two parts of "Returning Japanese" as one episode, this would be episode 200.

  • Allusions

    • The Stan Wallach Show
      This is a parody of "The Jerry Springer Show" where (usually) rednecks go on and confess sex secrets and fight with each other.

    • Fozzie Bear
      Lucky comments that Luanne is a 'regular Fozzie Bear!'.Fozzie Bear is a beloved, if not neurotic, Muppet created by Jim Henson. There was also a Play-Along Video released called, "Hey, You're as Funny as Fozzie Bear" as Fozzie is a comedian in Muppet world.

    • Educating Peter
      The title of the episode could refer to the 1992 documentary, 'Educating Peter', following the schooling of a young boy with special needs (as it is clear Peggy does not hold Lucky's intellect in high regard).

    • The, "No whammies, no whammies," on the TV is a reference to the 80s game show Press Your Luck.

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