King of the Hill

FOX (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Season 14
    • 5/7/10

      With Minh and Connie away for a few weeks, Kahn is left on his own, and Peggy agrees to have Hank keep him company. Kahn agrees to help Hank create a super grill for "GrillStravagnza" at Strickland Propane. When Kahn decides to stop taking his medication for manic depression, he becomes hard to control, and the fate of the grill is in the air. Bobby finds an old vinyl of Hank's, of a comedian, but struggles to understand why it's funny.

    • After Joseph is found making out with his girlfriend in the janitor's closet at school, Dale forbids him to see her. Joseph gets made at Dale, and they start fighting. This leads to Dale starting to make a lot of mistakes as he is distracted. Dale starts to believe he is crazy so he checks himself into a clinic. Joseph starts to struggle with his relationship with his girlfriend, when she wants to move faster. Nancy tries to get the upper hand at work.

    • 5/5/10

      Bill decides that what he needs to not be lonely is a roommate. Hank and the guys get Principal Moss to move in. All they do though is fight, so Bill invites a beautiful woman. She winds up bringing in her ex who sells illegal merchandise.

    • The Honeymooners
      Episode 1

      When Hank finds out that his mom is getting married to a man she just met, he is weary of the situation. Things don't get any better when she shows up at his house in a new RV. Hank blames it all on her new husband, Chuck, but soon learns his mom is the one with all the wild ideas. When Tillie finds out that Hank, Peggy and Chuck are trying to sell the RV behind her back, she runs away.

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