King of the Hill

Season 8 Episode 5

Flirting With the Master

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 30, 2003 on FOX

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  • Monsignor Martinez For Real!

    While I usually can't stand Peggy centric episodes, this one was actually very funny. It was cool to see Peggy being wrong (again) and nice that Hank is trying to put SOME effort into being romantic. Luanne was also very funny in this episode. I was surprised that an episode could work with Peggy being the star and the friends having basically nothing to do at all. I really enjoyed Monsignor Martinez in this episode. It was nice to see the actor behind the character. Overall, a pretty good episode.
  • When the opportunity to get the main actor of her favorite show to come to her Spanish class, Peggy sets out to meet him. He acknowledges her passion for teaching and employs her to tutor his children, in Mexico. She misread his politeness for affection.

    I love this episode. In the majority of the episodes in King of Hill, we always get a glimpse of Peggy's dilluted sense of self, but in this episode we are able to see her in her finest. With her mispronouciation of easy Spanish terms (like enunciating the 'h' sound in words like "Hola"), confusing geography, and thinking that Mr. Martinez is truly infatuated with her, we see Peggy as she really is.

    Through all of this, we see Hank as he truly is as well. Even though he tries to avoid public forms of affection (my favorite one is a picture of him and Peggy on their wedding day, and instead of kissing, they shook each other's hands), we see that Hank truly does love his wife, and he shows it in the best way that he can.
  • The actor that plays Monsignor Martinez asks Peggy to come to Mexico as a tutor for his two kids. When there's a translation problem that isn't Peggy's fault, she thinks his wife's dead, and she begins to suspect he's flirting with her.

    "Flirting with the Master" is one of the better episodes of the eighth season (though not quite up there with classics like "The Incredible Hank" and "Redneck on Rainey Street"), and definitely one of the best episodes with a Peggy plot line, up there with "Square Peg," "Beer and Loathing" and "Peggy's Headache." Not only that, but the secondary story is funny and ties in well with the main plot. The funniest part of this episode is the miscommunications in the translation of Spanish to Enlgish. However, unlike other episodes such as "Lupe's Revenge," it isn't Peggy making the mistake this time: Eduardo tells Peggy his wife is with her ancestors, and Peggy thinks she is dead. After a romantic night drinking wine on the balcony of his home, Peggy begins reading (incorrectly) little signs that may mean Eduardo is in love with her. It's fun to see Peggy interpret everything as a come on, and she is rendered speechless when Eduardo brings home flowers one afternoon and begins singing "Besa Me Mucho." Many King of the Hill episodes have no twist (save perhaps "Hanky Panky/High Anxiety," "DaleTech," and a handful of others).

    One of the best parts of this episode is waiting for the other shoe to drop - there is no way a television star would be interested in a homely Texas housewife, but he is being awfully friendly for a mere employer. But, honestly, Peggy?

    While Peggy thinks she is being romanced during her stay in Mexico, back in Arlen Luanne begins picking up many of Peggy's chores and duties around the house, much to Hank's dismay. Soon, Luanne even begins discussing the need for the "Birds and the Bees" talk that Bobby needs. Watching Luanne trying to be a mother and wife is hilarious - especially since she uses the same "grown-up" voice I remember from "Pigmalion" ("Tripp says nothing is ever solved with a run-on sentence, Aunt Peggy.").
  • Not the worst episode, although it's far from good, even average for that matter.

    Yes, this is a Peggy episode, a character I've never liked since Season 1. She may be funny sometimes, but most of the time she's annoying and downright boring. Surprisingly, this isn't the worst Peggy episode ever (because Season 9 had filled that void in with Season 6). It was midly funny how she was so attracted to that guy who played that weird Mexican show on T.V., only to find out he had a wife all along. She was so mad about it that it's sad but a little funny. Luanne was sort of funny too at doing Peggy's job, but not enough Hank, Bobby and funnier characters are there to make this a great episode, not to mention the lack of any REAL jokes for a comedy show like this. Still,I shouldn't recommend you to watch this, all thanks to slow pacing, nearly nonexistent jokes and a 50/50 chance of a predictable ending. While this episode brought Peggy away from half the bad I'm used to seeing her in, sadly, this episode did not work for me at all.