King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 22

Flush with Power

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 07, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • As Hank is telling Bobby off about stealing the water you can see that Bobby's closet is behind Hank. Its position in this scene is opposite the bed. However in every other episode is in front of the foot of Bobby's bed.

    • As the plumbers are installing Hank's new low flow toilet, the guy with the red hair stands up and is at level height with his co-worker standing next to him. In the next shot he is now a few inches taller.

    • During the first Board & Zoning meeting, there is a jug of water next to Nate. In the wide shots of the board the handle is to the left but in the close ups of Nate it's now facing the right.

    • Before the final board and zoning meeting finishes at the end of the episode, there are a number of people in the audience and a stenographer. As Hank is leaving they have all gone. It would have been near impossible for the entire room to vacate that quickly as less than half a minute had passed between seeing them and the room being completely empty.

    • When Nate goes to see Hank to show the incriminating photos of Bobby watering the lawn you can see Nate's car has orange tinting on his front headlight. Front headlights cannot contain any color tinting and must be clear.

    • Boomhauer does not have any lines in this episode.

    • Luanne does not appear in this episode.

    • Tagline: "Still?" -Hank

    • Hashaway was supposedly pushing the ordinance because he supplies the low-flow toilets. However, at the begining of the episode, J.J. tells Hank to get low-flows and mentions that the water company is giving them away for free. Of course, Hashaway would still profit since he sells his fixtures to the water company and [his] low-flows are the only toilets allowed in the stores.

  • Quotes

    • Hank: (flushes the toilet and washes his hands. He flushes the toilet again) Dang it! (flushes again) ...still? (flushes again)

    • Hank(reading from Peggy's column clippings): "You know it's Autumn when the leaves are leaving and the pine needles are sticking around..... I'm tired of reading negative stories about today's youth. You might say I'm on an all-pro' 'teen' diet, eh, huh..... The people who say you can't make an omelette without cracking eggs are always pretty hard-boiled, huh..... They say time flies, but with the way the airlines are going these days, maybe time should take the bus. That's right. the bus.... They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. but if you don't go to the doctor for regular check-ups, you're bananas....  Both people and rivers make deposits in banks. Maybe that's why people spend their money like it's water....  How are you supposed to look it up in the dictionary if you don't know how to spell it to begin with?"

    • Hank: I don't have a lawn, I have a crime scene! And that grass is getting the death penalty!

    • Hank: In the real world, where things don't flush like they do in the movies, it can take two, three, or, in the case of my wife, Peggy Hill, six flushes to completely remove solid waste.

    • Peggy: As a veteran of the PTA meetings as both a "P" and a "T", I have read the Bible of parliamentary procedure, Robert's Rules of Order.

    • Kahn: I could spit in a thimble and water Central Park!

    • (Hank catches Bobby taking a bath, which goes against Hank's water conservation rules)
      Bobby: I've got a girlfriend now - she expects me to smell a certain way!
      Hank: Then suck it up and take a shower.
      Bobby: Eh, I don't like to stand that long.

    • Hank: So, Peggy, I'm just curious - how many flushes was that?
      Peggy: A lady does not discuss such matters.
      Bobby: It was six. I'm averaging four myself, but I'm just a kid.

    • Peggy: I'm sorry I'm late. I stopped to powder my nose. It took eight flushes.

    • Hank: Stage 1 water rationing wasn't too bad, I just cut out Peggy's Crystal Light. When we hit stage 2, I took away Bobby's bath. But stage 3 is killing my lawn. And that affects everyone.

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