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ABC May Pick it Up

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    I find Fox funny, but not in a "ha, ha, ha," kind of way.
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    I've always liked King of the Hill. Even if it isn't as good as it once was, the new episodes are still pretty damn good. Certainly better than new episodes of The Simpsons or Family Guy. That being said, I find it funny that people are complaining about FOX's treatment of the series. They kept it on the air for 13 years, which is an incredibly long run for any show. Aside from The Simpsons, almost no show lasts that long. And ratings haven't been great for a long while, but FOX is just now letting it go. Yeah, a part of me would be happy to see it move to ABC (even though that's most likely not ever going to happen) just so I could see new episodes, but another part of me realizes that if they just keep going and going, eventually the show is going to suck. It's amazing to me that it's still as good as it is. But it may be in the best interest to let it go out while (some) people still want more than drag it out and let it slowly and painfully die.

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