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luanne's new look

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    [1]May 23, 2008
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    who liked the way luanne's hair looked in the episode 'strangerness on a train'? i thought it looked cool and i also think that she should start doing different things with her hair,maybe wear makeup and different outfits, anyone agree? she's had the same outfit since she was 18, now she's in her 20's she needs to start dressing like it. also in the same episode who was surprise to hear what luanne said about her and lucky public!? i actually liked that episode it was funny, but that conductor was mean, if he acted that way towards me i'd never get on his train again. also, in the end u see lucky talking to peggy but where did luanne go? did lucky find out it was peggy and hank?

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    Everybody on the show (save for Joseph) has looked exactly the same since 1997. That's not going to change at all. You may as well wish that Dale kept his fro-wig.

    As for Lucky- he might be riff-raff, but he clearly has better critical thinking skills than the other members of the Hills' inner circle. After all, they checked everybody's feet except Hank and Peggy's.
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