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Possible jobs for KOTH characters?

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    I have a feeling something like this has been done before, sorry but i just can't help myself because thinking of possible jobs for KOTH characters has been on my mind all day long!!!

    Dale: Does anyone think he could handle being a Spy for a job? Some kind of top secret agent or assassian...F.B.I, police, swat team, etc. I think he would because he's always recording and videotaping what everyone is doing hahaha.

    Bill: we'll although he's pretty much the least favorite character due to his....lazziness, whineiness, and letting his divorcing lenore ruin him for life,etc. and although he's good at being an Army Barbor, i could see him being a motivational speaker. Remember that episode when helped boomhower get his groove back (lol), he gave boomhower a few rounds of beer, one hell of a pep talk and next thing you know it, boomhower's back in the game!

    Luanne: she can't cut hair forever at Jack's Barber shop (if she's still working their, and let's face it, she's got a kid to support) I would love to see her get a job as a mechanic, because she's good at fixing cars.

    Lucky: i hope his "own special ways" of making money eventually be the end of him ( i don't remember him ever having a decent job) and that leaves luanne and gracie with a ton of money from all his settlements, and then luanne finds someone closer to her age.

    Hank: promoted to manager of strickland propane, enough said. Or even better, open up his own propane business.

    Peggy: I don't mind her selling houses, but it would be cool if she worked at that store for transgendered people that she shopped at in that one episode where she met this man dressed as a woman?

    Boomhower: Does he even have a job!? lol Well he seems to be quite the ladies man, not trying to be wrong but he could get paid to sleep with women and stuff...didn't dale work at hooters one time?

    Possible future jobs for bobby and connie: well connie is smart, she can get any job she wants..bobby, well i wish him luck on wanting to be a comedian..he's got talent, but he's got to be good at something else other than making people laugh right?

    Any other characters and possible jobs for them you can think of?

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    For the record, Boomhauer is a mechanic.
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