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who is your LEAST favourite character?

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    John Redcorn. For one, after Nancy and him ended their affair, he can still be seen at all the special occasions held by the Hills and other characters. Why would the guysinvite the man who slept with their best friend's wife to their parties? That's major back stabbing on their part for their friend Dale. Second, I just hate the man's morals.In "Peggy's Headache", when Hank confronts John Redcorn about treating Peggy, hetells Hank he "will not do to his wife what he does to the wives of others".So there's more married women he's slept with besides Nancy? I hope every man in Arlen whose wife has slept with John Redcorn finds out so they can form a mob and beat John Redcorn up. Couldn't he at least be a decent man and only give "migraine specials" to women who aren't in a relationship or married? Three, he is a show-off. When he used to come to Dale's house, he did the slow "catwalk model" walk down the driveway up to the door. And he always makes sure to walk in a way that the wind will blow his hair around. I bet I could rant even longer on why I hate his character.

    BTW, I do remember Nancy finding out he slept with another woman and impregnated her the same night as her in "Untitled Black McCormack Project", but I didn't mention it because she wasn't stated to have been in a relationship or married at the time it happened.... But I guess you could say he still "cheated" on Nancy.

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    That Fat Kid





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    Didi: Annoying voice and no personality

    Luanne: She's such a cry baby and I can't stand how dumb she is at the same time. What's really annoying is when she gets in conflicts with others and constantly defends who stupid actions, or when she gets a boost of confidence and acts like she's above others. At leastherpresence on the showprovides more humor for Hank.

    Joseph: I can't stand the dumb stuff that comes out of his mouth.

    Bobby: That boy ain't right, but he's a character I love to hate, because he's a very important ingriedient to making Hank funny.

    Clark Peters: He's a pathetic excuse for a bully.

    Shane Wasonason (or however you spell it): He's an annoying little d-bag who has no funny qualities. It's ridiculous that Kahn would want his daughter to date him.

    Buckley: His stupid "guess what, chicken butt" elementary humor drove me nuts. Lucky is an upgrade from this guy as far as I'm concerned. The best moment related to Buckley ever had to be whenever Hank yelled at him. "Let's say I want a hammer? Do you know what a hammer is?"

    I don't understand why so many people hate Cotton. He is one of the most laugh out loud characters on the show. Of course many of us would hate him in real life, but that's no reason to hate him on the show. His antics make for some great episodes.

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    Either Peggy of Lucky
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    I'm not particularly a fan of Lucky either but my absolute least favorite is Clark Peters.
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    To be honest I don't really hate any of them but the one that gets on my nerves the most is by far Peggy. To be honest I like Lucky, he reminds me of my best friends redneck husband(Lucky's a better father than him).
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