King of the Hill

Season 7 Episode 8

Full Metal Dust Jacket

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Jan 05, 2003 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Tagline: "Take your apple..." -Peggy "It's a braeburn." -Dale "...and get out." -Peggy

    • Luanne does not appear in this episode.

    • When Hank and Peggy first arrived at the book club, Hank has a book with him, but when they leave he is carrying Peggy's but does not have one for himself.

    • When Peggy goes to buy "A Tale of Two Cities" she hands it to the lady, suddenly the book is on the counter and the lady is just stepping behind it, but she clearly didn't put it down, it just appeared there.

  • Quotes

    • Dale: And so, a farewell to A Farewell To Arms.

    • Dale: Excellent grouping, Colonel. Plus those hollow points penetrated Shakespeare all the way into the so-called joyous comedies. "As You Like It?" I like it plenty.

    • Hank: "As the ambulance pulled away, Cassie remembered the smell of onions from her grandmother's kitchen." The end. Joe Jack, you awake?
      Joe Jack: (crying) I've got half a mind to go to Nova Scotia and kick that Benedict's ass.
      Mr. Strickland: Boy, that Cassie reminds me of someone. Hey, how big did you guys picture her ta-tas?
      Enrique: It said she was slender as a willow, so... grapefruits?

    • Dale: The Tuesday special is Saturday night specials. Feel free to browse.

    • Hank: Bobby, why don't you go look in the Adventure section? Anything about a boy with gumption should be fine.

    • Peggy: Today we'll be discussing A Tale of Two Cities, a terrific book by that most "Dickensian" of authors, Charles Dickens.

    • Dale: So, this is a bookstore. Smells boring. Have you ever thought about putting sawdust on the floor? I'm getting apple everywhere.

    • Dale: I have oodles of guns!

    • Peggy: So take your apple-
      Dale: It's a Braeburn.
      Peggy: -and get out.

  • Notes

    • The book Peggy has to read for the book club, "Dinner for Onions" is shown many times throughout the remainder of the series, often being read by Peggy.

    • The episode was delayed 20 minutes in the Eastern and Central time zones due to the wildcard game between the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers running too long.

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