King of the Hill

Season 7 Episode 1

Get Your Freak Off

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 03, 2002 on FOX

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  • good

    bobby likes a 'cool' girl and hank decides to be a chaperone on a date they go on to a band called "4score". But he does not like the suggestive moves they do, and especially does not like bobby mimicking them. nancy and minh rank each hank, dale, boomhauer, and bill on sexiness and peggy is mortified learning they rank hank as tied with bill.

    good episode and an overall pretty decent start to the seventh season of the show. no real complaints, other than the last half was kind of boring in parts, so my grade is in the "B" range
  • hank doesn't like bobby's music

    hank doesn't like bobby's taste in music so he takes him to the music store to find better muisc which leads to an interest in a boy band called 4skore. bobby meets a girl named jordan develops a crush on her and starts dancing with her at the concert but hank is appalled by their dancing style. bobby still likes jordan and sneeks over to her party with the help of peggy. he is put in a tough situation when he is placed in the closet with jordan by sarina but his plans of kisisng her are foiled by hank.
  • Decent episode.

    It was a decent episode to say the least. I liked the comedy in this one and I have to say that it was pretty decent. Bobby was funny in listening to a weird band and going to a party with boys and girls. I also thought that Hank and Peggy were funny with their storyline about the scale that was going around the neighborhood. Peggy was mad and she wanted to prove everyone else wrong about Hank. Too bad for Bill! Overall, this was a decent episode with good comedy, decent writing, and decent storylines. I was entertained very much. Thank you.
  • Super Freaky!

    A great start to a season. Hank and Bobby seem to finally find something they have in common, but of course, as usual, it doesn't last long. Hank does over react in this episode, but at the same time, I really disagree with Jordon's parents. This is kinda like Wife Swap where neither parents are fully wrong, but neither is fully right, they both have good points in how a child should be raised, but are to the extreme. It's a great plot and has a lot of funny moments, and all the characters get to have their own moment. Overall is was a pretty great episode, and one of the best from this season.