King of the Hill

Season 7 Episode 1

Get Your Freak Off

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 03, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Tagline: "'In heaven...' Hey, that's Todd!" –Hank
      In the episode Hank says "Hey that's Todd" and then sings "in heaven" but during the tagline it's switched.

    • In the scene where Bobby is in the closet, he takes off his shoe. When Hank walks in and pulls him out, Bobby's shoe is back on.

    • The scene where Hank listens to the music Bobby picked out is all wrong. First, you can't listen to the CDs you get off the shelf, they come pre-packaged and aren't supposed to be open. And although it actually never does show Hank open any, those machines usually only have a select amount of CDs prepared to be listened to, and you have to select which ones you want. Chances are that most of those CDs wouldn't have been in the machine already, and even if they were he only ever hit play. He never made signs of changing the CD he was listening to.

    • When rating the men in the street, Nancy includes John Redcorn after being reminded, however, he doesn't live on the street.

    • The portraits being discussed by Peggy, Nancy, and Minh, of the Mexican army officers that participated in the war of Texas independence are completely wrong: the officers all look like peasants from the late 19th or early 20th century (the big wide hats they are wearing are a dead giveaway), not Mexican army officers of the 1830s -- which were mostly of white Spanish descent, and actually had nice looking uniforms, not the rags (or the big mustaches) they are wearing in the portraits.

  • Quotes

    • Serena: (On the game 7 Minutes in Heaven)
      Looks like Jordan is getting her first birthday present from...Bobby Hill.
      Jordan: Um....Bobby and I just met each other. If we move too fast, isn't it going to ruin it? I mean, we haven't even talked online yet. I like him, at least I think I like him. I know he can freak and he likes ice cream. I don't know if that's enough.

    • Peggy: Hank Hill, are you so uptight you won't even let your own son dance with a girl?
      Hank: They weren't dancing like you and I dance. They were enjoying it.

    • Dale: Yep, kids are growing up way too fast, and we have no one to blame but the Dairy Council. They're shooting our milk up with hormones. Your Christina Ag-u-a-leras and your Shakiras are their prototypes.

    • (While watching Bobby dancing)
      Kahn: Minh, come quick! Redneck boy getting busy with lawn clipping!

    • Bobby: You go to the learning center? You must be crazy good at math.
      Jordan: Yeah, I'm in trig. Hey what about you?
      Bobby: My math is just called 'math'.

    • Peggy: Okay, ranking in order of sexiness -- ignoring their brutal slaughter of Texans at the Alamo -- I say it goes: Martin Perfecto de Coss; Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna; and Don Jose Herrera.
      Nancy: Why don't we make this a tad more fun? Let's rank the men on our street!
      Minh: Well, I don't normally go for the white meat, but number one's obvious: that Boomhauer has one tight little butt.

    • Hank: Then we can agree their music isn't all that bad -- maybe even okay.
      Bill: Okay if you're a prepubescent girl.
      Dale: Are you one of those Hank, huh? A prepubescent girl?
      Hank: Would a prepubescent girl be able to kick your ass?
      Dale: Probably.

    • Hank:(To Bobby) When I was your age, we had these things called "songs." They were two minute stories about people fallin' in love or burnin' down Georgia. But I guess Hollywood decided we needed more criminals yelling about their lady friend's baby place.

    • Hank: Bobby, I can't have you disco dancing in the alley. People are gonna think we didn't teach you shame, and I know we have.

    • Dale: Now that's one heck of a shoe tree, Hank.
      Hank: Yup, Peggy's birthday's comin' up, and she was hinting that she wanted something for 'in the bedroom'.

    • Peggy: (to Hank, after going to a Mennonite Museum) You are making Bill look like Pierce Brosnan!

    • Peggy: (referring to Jordan's parents) Did you see them? They are like Chandler and Monica, and we are like Andy Griffith and Aunt freaking Bee!

  • Notes

    • Starting in season 7, the showrunners are John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky. They joined King of the Hill during season 2 and wrote episodes such as "Life in the Fast Lane: Bobby's Saga" and "Won't You Pimai Neighbor?"

  • Allusions

    • One of the toys that Hank picks off of Bobby's shelf (and is seen in future episodes too) is a Troll Doll.

    • The video game that Bobby was playing looked very similar to Laura Croft: Tomb Raider.

    • New Kids on the Block: When Hank is explaining that he enjoyed the 4Skore music he heard in the music store, Boomhauer starts laughing because it's a boy band. At one points he demonstrates by half-dancing and saying, "Oh-oh-oh-oh". He says it to the tune of "The Right Stuff", one of the most popular New Kids on the Block songs. They were the prototype of the modern boy band.

    • The title of this episode is a play on the popular expression (and Missy Elliott song) "get your freak on."

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