King of the Hill

Season 8 Episode 18

Girl, You'll Be a Giant Soon

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 25, 2004 on FOX

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  • Giant Episode!

    This episode is pretty decent, with a great plot line. Actually all the plots are pretty good. Luanne and Hank are almost so opposite you'd think they could lead an episode together, but I think their opposition is what works. Also Luanne WANTS to be treated like a grown-up and Hank is always telling Bobby to act like one, so really, they want the same thing. Maturity. I have always enjoyed Luanne and thought she, while an airhead at times, was one of the most well rounded and self-awared characters. She may not always go about the right way, but she usually knows what she wants. That is what a huge part of this episode is about. Also, the B-Plots of Peggy and the girls and Bobby with Hank's friends give enough humour to not bog down the episode, like B-Plots can often do. It isn't a great episode, and it could be much funnier, but it was entertaining and is very unique. So, for that, I enjoyed it quite a bit.
  • Hank is outraged when the state faair grill-off bans propane, and nobody but Luanne really cares. Meanwhile, Peggy, Minh and Nancy try to sneak past a disapproving realty to view a house that had someone murdered in the laundry room.

    When I first watched this episode, I kind of regarded it as a filler - a less-than-stellar episode that goes in between more memorable episodes. However, I soon discovered myself watching it over and over again, and it is now one of my favorite episodes of the entire series.

    One of the great things about this episode is its three distinct storylines - Hank and Luanne fighting to have propane accepted at the state fiar grill-off, Peggy, Nancy and Minh being denied entry into the open house at the "Baxter Death Mansion," and Bill, Boomhauer and Dale taking Bobby as their leader while Hank is off with Luanne.

    The pairing of Luanne and Hank works oddly well, but thinking back to apst episodes, the two together makes for some great plots, like in the seventh season in "Night and Deity" when Luanne asks Hank to be her designated driver for her 21st birthday party. Hank's forced patience with Luanne's airhead attitude, especially when she suggests they "toss another bucket of propane on the fire" to celebrate.

    While Luanne and Hank's adventures at the fair are funny, the best part of the episode is Peggy, Nancy and Minh scheming to get into the house, since the realtor has correctly pegged them as "looky-loos," and informs them that there's a "car accident down the street you can rubberneck at!" I honestly thought Peggy was going to get into some kind of mix-up and end up forced to buy the house after they make a fake offer to get in, but the story didn't even touch on the possibility.

    One of the best parts of Bill, Dale and Boomhauer's time with Bobby is when they start following him around as if he were Hank.

    Overall, this is a spectacular episode, and shouldn't be passed over. Even in a seasonthat is overwhelmed with great episodes like "Patch Boomhauer," "The Incredible Hank" anmd "Redneck on Rainey Street," this episode stands out as a classic.