King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 8

Good Hill Hunting

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Dec 01, 1998 on FOX

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  • Killer Episode.

    This was a pretty good episode. With KOTH I usually don't judge it based on the amount of laughs, as many episodes, especially the later ones don't have a lot, but they can still be good. This is one of those episodes. I am not a fan of everyone going on about how it is a rite of passage for 12 year olds to shoot. I don't believe anyone should need a gun, but that being said, I do like the aspect of the father-son relationship this father had, and it shows Hank and Bobby really bonding, for once. It wasn't really funny at all, but I still enjoy watching it.
  • Touching episode

    This is a soft, emotional episode dedicated to Hank and his son Bobby. The focus is on father son relationships and we also see this in the interaction between Dale and Joeseph. Because of the nature of the episode it wont be to everyones taste, but I really enjoy the more personal aspects of the episode and found Bobby and Hank to be on top form. As well as this I also thought the animation was really good, particualy the touching final five minutes. This is in my opinion one of the most memorable episodes from the third season so I would recomend it.
  • One of the few times i've been let down by King of the Hill.

    In it; Hank's new mission to make a man of Bobby is to take him out to hunt deer but when the county office runs out of permits he has to find an alternative or Bobby will lose the two b's and stay a "boy".

    Although the combination of hunting and a show like this sounds like the ingredients for a winner; the cheesy moral lesson and revelation just kills all the fun especially since Hank is just as stiff and dull as ever and Bobby is beginning to take after him.

    The few funny bits come from the usual suspects (Dale, Bill and Peggy) but these aren't enough to save this episode from being a little too preachy. For some reason Boomhauer and Khan don't say a word when the opportunity for a one - liner from them seemed certain. Consistent with the content; the episode looks and sounds boring with dreary visuals and listless voice acting.

    A lowpoint of the 3rd season.