King of the Hill

Season 7 Episode 4

Goodbye Normal Jeans

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 24, 2002 on FOX
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Hank is discouraged when Bobby takes a home economics course, until he starts to reap the benefits. Bobby learns to cook, clean and sew better than Peggy, causing a jealous streak that leaves Peggy a bit unstable during the holidays. Dale makes a bet with Bill worth a million dollars. Bill thinks it's a joke, but Dale is very serious about it.


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  • And Bobby Takes the Cake.

    Season 7 continues to be a very funny season, bringing another episode full of laughs. I have said in many other reviews how much I enjoy Hank/Bobby bonding episodes, and this one is a good one. Like most of the others, I agree Peggy was such an annoying character. She is always trying to get them to bond and now they do, over "woman's work" (as Cotton would call it) to boot, and she is getting all jealous. That being said, it is a very funny episode, and has a great B plot. This show sometimes has horrible B plots, but also has B plots funnier than the A plot. This isn't funnier in laugh wise, but the plot itself is more humorous. Overall a very good episode.moreless
  • Peggy's actions ruin a great episode.

    I loved this episode until Peggy ruined it.

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  • I hate Peggy.

    This will not only be a review, but also a rant about Peggy Hill. The episode was good and I thought that the writing was okay. I thought that it had some funny moments and it was entertaining to say the least. Now let me get to the rant on Peggy. She is basically talentless but she just is as clueless and dumb as she is ignorant. The only things I've seen her to be decent at is boggle and softball. SHe can't even speak Spanish right, not as good a cook as Bobby, she is below average in terms of looks, and she looks like a man sometimes. She also has big feet and is in her late 40's. Thank you.moreless
  • This is an awesome episode where Hank and Bobby bond and Peggy gets brought down a notch.

    In this Thanksgiving episode, Bobby takes Home Ec and learns to do everything Peggy does around the house, but better. His assignment is to successfully launder a stained cheerleader’s uniform. Peggy confidently tries to help him get the stains out by using a combination of presoak, hot water, and bleach. After it is washed, they find that the uniform is still stained, full of holes, and shrunken to half its size. They also realize that they accidentally washed a pair of Hank’s jeans in with the uniform, and they are ruined. With help from his home-ec teacher, Bobby makes Hank a new pair of jeans, which turn out to be perfect. Then he starts cooking really delicious meals and puts Peggy’s predictable meals on the back burner. In an attempt to get Hank’s attention, Peggy goes to her hairdresser and gets a “sexy” new hairstyle. Hank never really clues in, and when it’s time for bed, Hank can’t stand the smell of her hair so he separates his mattress from hers to move farther away from the smell. Peggy gets mad and goes to sleep on the sofa, but Bobby has just shampooed it so she sleeps in Bobby’s bed and Bobby sleeps in hers. Hank and Bobby bond over caramel popcorn and stay up all night talking and watching tv. Peggy is feeling displaced and jealous so she steals the Thanksgiving turkey that Bobby has been up all night making and runs to her hairdresser’s. Upon finding out that her hairdresser is not lonely like her and in fact has a family who loves him, she returns home, only to find Hank dressed for dinner. Bobby is gone to the neighbor’s and Hank has prepared Spa-Peggy and Meatballs. Hank tells Peggy that he didn’t marry her for her cooking, but for, you know, “the love.” In the side plot, Bill gives Dale a check for $1 million after losing a bet, and Dale cashes it, leaving Bill broke. This is one of my favorite episodes. It is nice to see Hank and Bobby bonding, and Peggy being brought down a notch.moreless
Mike Judge

Mike Judge

Voice of Hank Hill, Boomhauer, Stuart Dooley

Kathy Najimy

Kathy Najimy

Voice of Peggy Hill

Pamela Adlon

Pamela Adlon

Voice of Bobby Hill

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy

Voice of Joseph Gribble (seasons 1-4), Luanne Platter

Johnny Hardwick

Johnny Hardwick

Voice of Dale Gribble

Stephen Root

Stephen Root

Voice of Bill Dauterive, Buck Strickland

Mary Scheer

Mary Scheer

Ms. Bittner, Bank Teller

Guest Star

Toby Huss

Toby Huss


Guest Star

Ashley Gardner

Ashley Gardner

Voice of Nancy Hicks Gribble, Didi Hill

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • It's revealed in this episode that Peggy and Hank actually have two smaller beds they just put together.

    • Tagline: "Boy, that cheese. Mm." -Hank
      This is not a line actually said in the episode, but rather is a reference to an earlier scene. This is the third time a line not in the episode itself is used, but the first time it is not an extension of the final scene.

    • Luanne does not appear in this episode.

    • After Hank calls Bobby into the room to talk about the woman's magazine Peggy discovered, you can see Peggy's hair is a little messed but nothing in it. A few shots after Hank asks Bobby about making the turkey there is a close up shot of Peggy and she has a few stains in her hair, which disappear in the next shot. The stains look very similar to the ones she gets a little later on when she falls on the turkey.

    • At the beginning when Peggy is doing laundry, she takes out some clothes, and some are whites, while others are colors and even has a pair of jeans in there, which she forgets. It seems odd she wouldn't sort the clothes.

    • When Dale withdraws the money from Bill's account, he asks for 400 Sacagawea dollars, 18 Susan B. Anthonys, 2 North Carolinas, and a Utah. The Utah state quarter wasn't released until 2007.

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  • NOTES (1)

    • Originally scheduled to air on November 18th, 2001. Was fed via satellite that morning, even. Football ran over, so the majority of the country didn't see it. But the episode WAS seen then on the West Coast and in Canada.


    • The title is a takeoff on "Goodbye Norma Jean," the first line from the original version of the song Candle in the Wind by Elton John.