King of the Hill

Season 5 Episode 11

Hank and the Great Glass Elevator

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 11, 2001 on FOX

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  • my favorite episode ever!

    I loved this episode! It was so funny and had some very memorable quotes. The B plot with charcoal was pure genius.
  • Mooning, Lenore and Charcoal! Oh My!

    Another pretty good Season 5 episode. This has Hank letting (a bit too) loose and mooning the hotel lobby, in which Anne Richards is speaking. It leads to Bill's relationship with her and a few laughs. It is also the episode that finally shows Lenore. She is a very interesting character, and I think would have been fun to see in more. The B plot is a plot you knew they were eventually going to do. Peggy falling in love with Bwahhhhh Charcoal! It is pretty funny how they handle the B plot and at times is actually better than the A plot. Overall this was a pretty good episode. One of the better ones of this season.
  • Peggy is a cheater.

    King of the Hill kicks off an episode where Hank and the gang go to Austin. Sounds simple and innocent, right? Well, Hank and his friends moon people and the a political figure in the process. I thought that this was a funny episode and it really was a clever little plot. At home, Peggy decides to try charcoal and falls in love with it. She and Bobby try to hide their love for charcoal from Hank. When a burger is made, they secretly like the coals than the propane. After Hank finds out, they try to cover for their secret, but it doesn't matter. Thank you.
  • This episode is about Bill's relationship with Ann Richards. It is revealed that Peggy and Bobby like their barbecue with charcoal instead of propane.

    I like this episode because Bobby and Peggy prefer charcoal over Propane. I also prefer charcoal instead of propane. It is funny how they were hiding it from Hank. I also like it how Bill gets along with Ann Richards. I also enjoyed how Bill stood up against his ex-wife, Lenore. I found it sad because they did not continue their relationship. I also enjoyed it because it showed how the charcoal makes the barbecue taste better than propane and how Peggy stood up against Hank's Test. I liked the last comment she said to Bobby about "listening to her senses"
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