King of the Hill

Season 11 Episode 5

Hank Gets Dusted

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 01, 2007 on FOX

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  • ZZ Top!

    This episode overall is just OK, but there are a couple of scenes that are absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately, they are almost back to back. The first is the digging scene, and the next is when John Redcorn basically says he slept with Nancy and Dale says "yeah, Bill's wife was a couldn't stop laughing that whole time. There were other funny moments, but outside of that is really was just an average episode. I thought the concept of having the ZZ Top guy as his cousin was good, and it was nice the guys from ZZ Top went along with it. It makes me wonder how many years they had this in mind. It was highly entertaining, and one of the best ones this season.
  • Hank is not exactly pleased when his cousin, practical-loving Dusty Hill of ZZ Top, comes to visit. But things turn even worse when he finds that Dusty is star of a reality TV show, whose crew find it good TV to make Hank angry. A great episode...

    As I mentioned in my review for the previous episode, 'Luanne Gets Lucky', my only real niggle with the season thus far was that Hank himself wasn't featured very much. Well, that is rectified with this enjoyable Hank-based story.

    I really like this episode, and am surprised that it doesn't hold a higher rating on (at time of writing in August 2009, it only has an 8.1 rating). To me, it feels strong enough to be a season opener, or an x-hundredth episode.

    Anyway, the story is a good one, and for me has many very funny moments. There are good lines for all of the main characters, and Hank in particular gets some very good sequences.
    We also get to see Cotton, for the first time in a quite a while, although he doesn't really have much to do in the overall story.

    Some people have commented that they don't like the third act. I admit, it maybe doesn't round off the story as well as it might have done, but personally I still found it watchable, and didn't mar the overall episode at all. And I like the final scene, with the Cadillac being buried.

    All-in-all, a very nice episode, and in my opinion it rivals season-opener 'The Peggy Horror Picture Show' as best episode of the season thus far.
  • Hank gets a suprise visit from Dusty.

    I will say this season wasnt one of the best, but most of the episodes were good, this being one of them. Hank cousin Dusty comes and so does his reality team. The team purposelly makes Hank mad because it is helping the ratings. Dusty wants to back of, but is convinced not to. The episode had its funny jokes like Bobby admiring Dusty and then the parts when Hank were really mad. Overall I was pleased with the episode.
  • Juts like SerPunt, I had too much anticipation for this one and it succeeds, but it wasn't that great either.

    This one sounds promising, and unlike the last 2 episodes, this one had LOL jokes. Seeing Hank being made fun of never gets boring, as Dusty and his friends made his life a living nightmare for him when Hank and his family were on a reality show. Hey, that's one of my ideas, but sadly, it simply wasn't as great as I thought it would be...

    Cotton Hill returns, although he wasn't as funny as he should be, and while Hank got angry and made me laugh, he could have been so much angrier. Yeah, there are some boring parts, but for the most part, the 2nd segment was the best and the funniest while the 1st segment wasn't too bad but not awesome.

    But the 3rd segment ruins this episode. What could have been one of the funniest and greatest moments on the show is ruined by some of the most boring 7 minutes I have ever seen in my life. Only 1-2 chuckles, Hank wasn't as angry as he should be, and it ended very cheesy, not good at all. If this segment was as good as the 2nd one, it would have been a 9(or higher). But the rating drops to a 7, damn it, you were so close.

    Oh well, hopefully if Hank gets angry in the future, it should be better than this. The 2nd segment alone is worth watching, but avoid the 3rd segment altogether, it's not worth seeing that boring mess. Another good episode but not great episode that had serious potential to shine.
  • Hank gets a surprise visit from his cousin, Dusty Hill from ZZ Top. When Cotton gives Dusty the family Cadallac, Hank's world is turned upside down. To make matters worse, Hank discovers that he is going to be a part of Dusty's freaky reality TV show.

    The TV show producer is amused by Hank's temper, and constantly provokes him. Ultimately, Hank saves Dusty's life, when his beard gets stuck in his safety belt, and he is trapped inside a burning car. OOps, that's a spoiler! This episode was delightfully funny and unpredictable. The ending was clever too, with Hank saving his idiot cousin. There's a funny scene in this episode where John Redcorn tells Hank he should be on TV, because he slept with his best friend's wife for 10 years. Dale thinks John Redcorn is talking about Bill Dautrive's ex-wife. That cracked me up!
  • Top of the pop!

    As this epiosde opens, Cotton shows up to give Hank his Cadillac to give to his cousin Dusty. If that wasn't bad enough, A reality crew shows up on Hank's door. I haven't heard much from ZZ Tops over the years, I glad they show up, even it's a cartton like "King of the Hill." I like this epiosde and I was a shock that Hank is related to one of the members of ZZ Top. Oh Well, You can do anything in cartoons. One of the best scenes is Hank is chasing what he though was his car at the nDemoltion Derby.
  • This was a great episode

    This is one of the best episode of the season. I mean this season is just going to be one of the best in a couple years. I really liked this episode it was just so funny I loved every minute of it. I thought the funniest part was when John Redcorn said he needed to be beat up because he slept with Hank's best friends wife for 13 years and Dale thought he was talking about Bill's wife I just busted out laughing because I never thought they do something like that in front of Dale. This is a really great episode.