King of the Hill

Season 11 Episode 5

Hank Gets Dusted

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 01, 2007 on FOX

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  • Hank gets a surprise visit from his cousin, Dusty Hill from ZZ Top. When Cotton gives Dusty the family Cadallac, Hank's world is turned upside down. To make matters worse, Hank discovers that he is going to be a part of Dusty's freaky reality TV show.

    The TV show producer is amused by Hank's temper, and constantly provokes him. Ultimately, Hank saves Dusty's life, when his beard gets stuck in his safety belt, and he is trapped inside a burning car. OOps, that's a spoiler! This episode was delightfully funny and unpredictable. The ending was clever too, with Hank saving his idiot cousin. There's a funny scene in this episode where John Redcorn tells Hank he should be on TV, because he slept with his best friend's wife for 10 years. Dale thinks John Redcorn is talking about Bill Dautrive's ex-wife. That cracked me up!