King of the Hill

Season 5 Episode 19

Hank's Back Story

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 06, 2001 on FOX

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  • Not Too Bad, Butt it Could Have Been Better

    This is a bit of a letdown after the last few episodes, but it is still a pretty good KOTH episode. It had some humorous moments, and has a fun plot line. The best scene has to be the keep away scene. I liked how they got Hank to go to the support group in a believable way, as he normally wouldn't do that. I think things worked well together, and in the end the episode is a pretty decent one. Worth at least a watch through once.
  • I liked this episode.

    This was a really good episode of King of the Hill. I gave it a higher rating because of the funny story and plot. The comedy was funny and I liked everyone in the episode. They all had a part that was funny and mixed well with the show. I thought that Dale was a complete waste in this episode. If I were Hank, I would have pounded his face into the ground for trying to ruin the mower contest. Bobby was funny, and Peggy actually didn't bother me for once. Overall, this was a good episode that was entertaining. Thank you.