King of the Hill

Season 10 Episode 14

Hank's Bully

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 07, 2006 on FOX

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  • The young son of some new neighbours starts pestering Hank, making fun of him and damaging his property, and the parents refuse to discipline him. Meanwhile, Dale takes up taxidermy, and enters a competition with Peggy. A top notch episode...

    This is an excellent episode of the series, and a perfect choice for the (true) 200th episode (although the next episode was the 'official' 200th episode).

    The plot is very good, with a lot of really funny moments, and very true of some of today's parents and their young tearaway children.
    It's really good as young Caleb starts to drive Hank insane, with Hank being helpless to respond.

    The episode's sub-plot, of Dale and Peggy entering a taxidermy contest, is also well panned out, and unlike many of the b-plots of late, actually plays through and goes somewhere.

    As well as Dale's b-plot, we also get to see more of Bill and Boomhauer, which is a good thing as Hank's friends haven't been featured as much in recent episodes.

    The story wraps up well and in a satisfying way, with young Caleb's parents getting a taste of their own medicine.

    All-in-all, a terrific episode. I think it may be one of my all time favourites and in my personal top 10.
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